Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birkin Scammer Sarah Evangelista and Jake Evangelista

Birkin Scam:  A scammer is on the loose!  And this is no ordinary scam, or the kind of scam that we got used to in the Philippines, wherein ordinary persons with their hard-earned money were duped due to fraudulent schemes.

This scam now called as the “Birkin Scam” allegedly involved defrauding rich people that amounts to around a whopping P500 million.

Sarah and Jake Evangelista as the Alleged Birkin Scammers

According to reports, the people involved in the Birkin Scam is a socialite couple though the person who was really at the forefront of it is a person allegedly named Sarah Evangelista.  The husband's involvement in the scam is yet to be directly established though reports say that it is most likely that the husband knows the workings of his wife.

She is said to be a socialite who defrauded friends, especially her best of friends, using a pyramiding scheme involving millions of pesos in the trade of high-end bags, in particular, the Birkin bags.  Her husband was allegedly named Jake Evangelista, said to be working under a politician.

As of this writing, the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the Birkin Scammer has already been deleted, the same accounts that used to flaunt her extravagant lifestyle.  Cases have already been filed against her, though the suspect is said to be already in hiding, most likely in the United States.

Photos/Pictures of Sarah and Jake Evangelista

Check her for photos/pictures of the alleged Birkin Scammer which here posted all over the net by websites.

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