Friday, July 20, 2012

SONA 2012 Reaction Paper

For sure, lots of our students are going to come up with reaction papers as regards the State of the Nation Address or SONA 2012 of President Aquino.

(Check Out SONA 2012 Speech Here)

(Check Out SONA 2012 Live Streaming Here.)

The SONA 2012 is going to happen on Monday, July 23, 2012, around 2 PM, at the Batasang Pambansa Complex during the joint session of Congress.  Unfortunately, for our students, no holiday is to be declared, so they have to go to their classes.
In most schools though, social action offices, are going to air the live coverage of the SONA of President Aquino with some discussions afterwards.

So some guides and tips in coming up with a reaction paper for the SONA 2012 of P-Noy:

1.  You need to listen or watch the SONA.  You cannot simply rely and copy the comments, critical analysis and thoughts of other people.  Quick note:  that is plagiarism, a deadly crime, punishable by capital punishment.  Just kidding.  My point is:  you need to hear, watch, or read the speech of the President.

2.  Be critical.  Don't get easily swayed by the applause of the President's allies in congress who for sure would really love to appease the president.  Listen carefully, check the facts, separate the truth from the rhetorics and analyze if the President is saying truth, trash or a fairytale.

3.  Compare his SONA speech to the past.  What you can greatly accomplish in your reaction paper is by comparing the content of his SONA to his accomplishments and failures in governance.  Compare the contents of his speech to the reality and hard data from the National Statistics Coordinating Body, like the poverty rate, hunger rate, unemployment rate, GDP, economic growth, etc.  In that, your analysis has strong bases.

4.  Share your own thoughts.  Aside from making critical analysis by using data from credible sources, share your personal thoughts too in your paper.  Like how did you feel with the speech, your realizations, reaction to the accomplishments, the projects and plans of the presidents.  How do these things affected to and will affect you more or less. 

Remember:   you can be different without being difficult, you can be critical without being cynical.  These things are important in our active participation in the governance of our country and in our quest for public accountability.

Best of luck to your reaction papers and class reporting guys.

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