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SONA 2012 Live Streaming Online

SONA 2012 of Pres. Aquino:  The chief executive of the Republic of the Philippines will face the people and the joint session of Congress for the third time to deliver his annual report.

President Benigno “P-Noy” Aquino will have his State of the Nation Address or SONA 2012 on July 23, 2012 at the Batasang Pambansa in the joint session of Congress.  This will be his third SONA since he assumed the presidency in 2010.

The Office of the President released this live streaming channel of the SONA 2012.

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Watch live streaming video from rtvmlive at

SONA 2012 Speech and Report of Pres. Aquino

(Check out SONA 2012 Speech here.)

According to Malacañang Palace, the SONA 2012 speech of P-Noy is already in its 4th draft and is about 30 pages.  They added that the president will most likely use slide presentations during his delivery of his message but added that it will not be for show-off but for the reason that the President wants his message to be really understood by everyone.  Expected also is that the President will deliver his message in Filipino.

But the SONA of President Aquino will not be met by cheers despite his popularity.  Activists and protesters are expected to mount their rally near the Batasang Pambansa.  But the police force said that they will do everything in order to have peace and order on that day.

The PNP said that they will use about 6,000 policemen to enforce security and peace and order.

Quezon City Police District director Chief Superintendent Mario de la Vega said in an interview,

“We’re doing this for the better appreciation and cooperation of units and participants so that their functions and roles would be clear.”

The Batasang Pambansa where the SONA is held, is already being prepared.

According to the House of Representatives secretary-general Marilyn Barua-Yap, this year’s State of the Nation Address would cost around P2.7 million, about the same amount that they spent last year.  She added,

"Last year, I think we spent about P2.7 million. We usually maintain.”

"It’s not overspending. You are bringing in almost 2,000 people. It’s very modest.”

Most of the spending will go to the food for the guests and dignitaries.

SONA 2012 Live Streaming

The SONA 2012 is going to be aired live by local television networks and at the same time be broadcast in local radio stations.

SONA 2012 live streaming is available for sure via ANC’s website, together with that of PTV.

We are to put here the live streaming channel as soon as they are made available by the networks and as soon as they go live.  So keep posted here and like our Facebook Page on the side bar.

Replay of SONA 2012 may be available via IWantTV.

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