Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Juggling Work, Thesis and Blogging This School Year

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I am back! Once again (coz I have yelled this on my blog so many other times…ooooppsss). Let me therefore correct those reports that were circulating the web that spiked the most searched news on google trends. No, I was not assassinated by those people I nominated and spoofed on my Craziest List of Nominees. I am very all well, alive, kicking and blogging! And I must admit though that since then, I started to wear a bullet-proof vest. LOL!

No more excuses lest I will get some hard spanking from LJ (once again….ooopppsss). I have to make a post today after leaving all the throngs of my screaming die-hard fans camped out on my blog waiting every second of their breathing life for any word from me. And now, I can once again hear them screaming? Ows, thank you, thank you. I thought I would be seeing a jungle of moss took over my blog after more than a week of absence. Thank God it has been kept alive by uber blogger friends. Balut for you guys.

I actually took a one week vacation leave from work which ironically was not really an exhilarating escapade on the Amazon with piranhas nor staying-at-home-watching-TV-24/7 bonanza style that I planned. My wife’s grandfather died and after a couple days came their family reunion. A week of grieving (tears in the morning and of course tong-its in the evening till the next daylight), and three days of get-together with all the pancit and screaming of oldies to a village of children running to and fro without their underwear.

To make the long story short; I haven’t posted for more than a week and got myself so darn tired instead of sipping a fruit shake with my skimpy swimming trunks under the summer sun (peeepeeww…hey, don’t try to imagine how I look like on this outfit, though it would be close to that Jude Law) on the beach as I planned.

Well, need to get over it; rearm and be back to work, blogging and studies with the same fire and (over)confidence that I had when I posted my Crazy List of Emerging Influential Bloggers.

Back to My Desk

Yesterday was actually the first day of our official reporting to work. But we as an office spent it on a recollection in Tagaytay to help us focus and maybe start our job on the right path without the emotional baggage and unnecessary spiritual burdens. And I think the activity did really me out on putting myself back on a work mode without a heavy heart.

And to think, that one of my most crucial job for this school year is being one who is in-charged of Vocation Promotion for the De La Salle Brothers in our university. You are reading it right guys, I am not high on drugs or on the smoke of burning flip flops. Wooohhh! Can you imagine that? Now I am thinking of consulting my own spiritual director Roy, ehehe! Hope I could send more young males inside the formation house for more vocations that pull their legs out to the real world.

Thesis Writing ASAP!

I will also be enrolling on my thesis writing 01 in a couple of days to finish my master’s degree in guidance and counseling. This is already my 5th year on the graduate school of education and so the director has always been screaming at me to finish my studies lest I will have to take refresher courses for exceeding the 5-year residency. Wow, such a lazy man I was! Now, I am scrounging for topics for my thesis, from parental discipline to OFWs, from househusbands to stupid teaching strategies. Maybe I should write about blogging? Darn! My head aches! All my brain cells are still on vacation mode…And one more thing. Finishing my Masters will increase my salary quite big time, ehehehe! This part is what is exciting.

Blogging SY 09-10

I am actually contemplating one important thing regarding my blogging. I am actually planning of having my own self-hosted blog, transferring the contents of this blog to a wordpress. I think having my own self-hosted blog could make my blogging more regular and easier for me to do. I could also my millions of avid fans a better place to stay in; warm, nice and cozy. I am still researching for a good webhost (if not free webhosting) and one good domain name; doing all my mathematics.

I hope to follow suit with LJ’s metamorphosed blog and Doc Zayden’s eventual jumping to WP ship. And it will be one hell of a happy blogging family here.

Ahhh…no, it is not part of the Hayden videos. Well, I just hope that I could juggle all these three important things and tasks that I will have to do this new school year. Best of luck then to Elmot!

Any topics that you could suggest for my thesis, if it is not too much of a burden for you guys? LOL! Do you think that it is wise for me to transfer this very famous blog to a self-hosted WP blog? Will I become one heck of a good vocation promoter? LOL!

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Jhay said...

It's nice to see you back to blogging. And the new school year is about to open, things would get tight once more.

Blogging on your own domain huh? Sounds great! Let me know if I could be of any help. Good luck!

jan said...

Guidance and counseling. You?! OMG. Ahahaha.

Nah, I'm a believer. Just kidding you. I don't have a topic yet for you. Will let you know when I come up with something. You can pull it off, Elmot, despite my bad influence. ",)

Kaya mo yan. Jump ka na agad sa WordPress at the earliest opportunity. You will not regret it. If we can raise enough money, I'd recommend you use Thesis as well. ",)

O, may isa ka ng technical adviser - our good buddy Jay. Saan ka pa?!

Lucrecio Emerito said...

Awesome! You're back. And with a bang! This post is well written and very much welcome. (It must have been very hard for you to leave all the throngs of your screaming die-hard fans)You really have a way with words, dude. You write good.

Reports circulating the Web? Highest ranked Google search? Didn't hear dude. Maybe Google was just trying to bait you into correcting those reports so that you'll make a comeback? ;)

I don't have any idea for your topic because I'm not familiar with that field. Had it been a Master's Degree in Console Playing, (with a PS3 or XBox track) maybe I can give you a tip or two. :D But I'll see if I can cook up something, though.

Moving to a self-hosted blogging platform is definitely not a bad idea. Just make sure that you know what you're up against and everything will be fine. A self-hosted WP blog is very powerful and flexible but needs a bit of effort on your part. But I'm sure you don't mind a bit of elbow grease, do you?

About being a vocation promoter, the question, I think, should be: "Do I want to be one?". Because if you do, you'll surely excel in anything.

Roy said...

Welcome back!

and while you're in the writing mood, don't forget that inspirational story I emailed you... take your time though - you can email it tomorrow.

a topic for your thesis?

hmm... do you really want to know what I have in my mind? lol

Ada said...

sobrang busy ka pala.
relax relax ka lang by blogging :D

Rob Angeles said...

Hi Elmot! First time here in your house. WP ship? A good move! Not that I'm a WP fanboi but it just gives you more options and control. I've subscribe to your feeds and hope to pass by often here.

Thanks and a great day!

DiTesco said...

Welcome back and thanks for leaving your precious comments on my blog. While you are deciding what you are going to do in the future for your blogs home, here is the code I mentioned to you a while ago. Just paste this immediately before the closing /b:skin


Hope it works, lol

Holly Jahangiri said...

My condolences to your wife and family on the death of her grandfather. It's good that the mourning could be followed so closely by a family reunion and vacation; that's a nice way to remember someone and helps to wash away the tears.

It's good to see you back again.

Self-hosted WordPress is great, but expect to spend more time tweaking it to your liking than you've had to do with Blogger. It's not for the faint-hearted, and it's not a good project to start when you're in the midst of researching and writing your thesis. But who am I to talk, eh? I'm like both, and I'm moving to WordPress again - just for the heck of it, really.

bingkee said...

Elmot---patawarin mo sana ako na sinabi ko sa iyo nun hindi na ako babalik sa blog mo kasi sasakit ang dibdib ko pag nandito ako. Alam mo, binaon ko na sa limot ang nangyari at hindi ko na lang pansinin ang pangalan ng babae na yun, naliwanagan ako na isa kang mabait na kaibigan at kapatid at magaling na blogger, kaya di ako makaiwas-iwas bumalik dito. At isa pa , malaki ang suporta mo rin sa akin at malaki ang paghanga ko sa iyo. Pasensya ka na, Tatagalugin ko na lang eto muna para yung hindi natin kalahi, hindi nila maintindihan para wala ng gulo. Hindi ko maialis sa isip na nagkamali rin ako at heto na babalik ako sa iyong blog at sana patawarin mo ako at naunawaan mo ako.
Pasensya ka na, mahina ako sa Tagalog...Bisaya kasi ako. :-)
Hey, you go guy...self-host your blog. It's the way to go. Besides WP is the best platform that will help you climb up the ladder.
It's really great to hear that you're doing good in your job. Looks like you're gonna keep your hands and mind busy.
However, transferring to WP right now is not advisable if you're writing your thesis also.
WP is a little bit different from Blogger. I initially tried to transfer to WP, but I gave up because it is really different from Typepad. I have a Blogspot blog too and I don't recommend that you transfer right now in the midst of thesis writing. Ask our good pal , Jan who is spending too much time trying to figure out which buttons to press.
But I will await for your transfer to WP and self-hosting and I will be one of your biggest fans.

Snow said...

I can feel the pressure. I used to be like that too, ang hirap pero dont worry elmot you'll be okay, kaya mo yan. ^_^ positive thinking lang po.

elmot said...

@jhay: oo nga, it makes me feel good too to be back to blogging... thanks for offering some help to my plan, lam ko naman na tutulungan mo rin talaga ako eh, ehehe!

elmot said...

@jan: you really never fail to pull a pun always on very serious situations bro! at ikaw bilang adviser ko, ayos to!!! eheheh! eh di, meritissimus na ako nito sa thesis ko, ahahhaha!

i know, iba talaga kapag nasa sariling hosted blog ka, pero gaya ng sabi mo, may mga considerations...

mahal ba yung thesis theme? ooopppsss... yari ata ako dito ah ehhee!

elmot said...

@luke: ehehe! i think so too bro, google was really trying to dig me out of my foxhole to come back into blogging...

apologies for not dropping by your blog in a long time now...but i will do it soon, really soon bro. the jedi knights might have been missing my presence there too on your abode :D

a degree on playing console? wow! then i would love to become your buddy on that degree, ehehe!

and you can really become one heck of a guidance counselor luke eh? great question, do i like the job? hm,mm....(lots of pondering)...well, yes, and partly no...

now, you can now try to counsel me even more eheheh!

elmot said...

@roy: yeha got your email, emailed you back, but no reply yet from you. i hope i can muster the guts and inspiration to write a story on that one, i hope i am not that late yet?

i really want to know what is on your mind, my spiritual director, ehehe! i can now see LJ and Z grinning ehhehe!

elmot said...

@ada: wow! saya naman at nakavisit ka dito, ehehe! you are totally right, relax relax lang blog... nag massage nga ako at spa days ago to relax, pero parang mga wrestler nman mga masahista...ayun, feeling ko may bali tagaliran koe eheheh!

ei, you are always welcome here :D

elmot said...

@diTesco: thanks for the code, ill put that one...hopefully i would not encounter any trouble, ehehe! i think putting the codes could make my blog look more professional? thanks :D

by the way, commenting on your blog is a pleasure...i was just on vacation for a week , that is why i hibernated my commenting prowess on your blog, ehehe! don't worry, im back and your blog in on my reader, so i am now always updated :D

elmot said...

@holly: thanks holly. now, you are sending me jitters, eheeh! it is not really for the faint-hearted eh?...and jan is really spending so much time tweaking and getting to know more his wp blog.

well, you been through that one, and i saw your new baby blog, and who can say that having a new blog on wp is not for the faint-hearted eh? ehehehe! congrats too holly for the new blog!

elmot said...

@bingkee: no, wag kang humingi ng patawad sa akin...as i said sa mga emails ko sayo many times, hindi man ako magvisit sa blog mo, hindi ka man magvisit dito at magcomment dahil sa mga nangyari ay i am assuring you na andito lang ako palagi sayo, kaibigan at blog buddy.

pasensya na rin kung hindi ko na nasagot mga emails mo, hindi ko na alam kasi siguro kung ano ang mga sasabihin, pero i am very much happy na andito ka pa rin...maski di kita nkikitang magcomment, alam kong you are visiting my blog, the way na lagi ko ring binibisita ang blog mo at binabasa posts mo sa reader ko.

hay, oo nga...i am contemplating kung tama desisyon ko na ito or ang plan ko na ito...wp is far different. i tested using it before pero prang talang engot lang ako dun eheheh!

salamt sa advice, i will really put that into consideration lalo na nga na dibdiban ang pag aaral ehehe! (dibdiban kuno,e ehhe!)

elmot said...

@snow: avid fan ka siguro nung "the secret" na book ano? ehehe! tama, "think positive, wag kang aayaw" eheheh! salamat.

sbi nga nila, kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw may sumabotahe, ehehe! ngek!

Dee said...

Welcome back, Elmot. Good to have you back. I was wondering just lately why you haven't posted yet. Now I know.

Take it easy lang. Take it one day at a time... Oh, I think I need to take that advice too, haha! I've been juggling lots of things too lately kasi. I sometimes wish there are 30 hours a day because then I can do all the things I need to do in a day. But yeah, "take it easy" would still be the best advice I'd give to someone like me. After all, as Scarlett O'Hara said: After all, tomorrow is another day. :)

Did I make sense? Hope I did. :)

fedhz said...

wow, nacurious ata ako dun kay Ate bingkee ha. ano ba un? chismax naman jan! hehe. ako kahit gusto ko mag multi tasking, nawawala ako sa momentum kapag biglang may manggugulo hehe.

go go go!

thesis? magkano ba benta sayo ni Jan? hehe. ako rin bentahan kita ng thesis. LOL belat, jan! tawaran ito hehe.

Gem said...

Good to see you back, yun lang you have loads of things to do hehe. So you're a counselor pala :-)

I hope to see your blog in self-hosted WordPress soon.

reyna elena said...

transferring to a self hosted blog? here's my financial advice. if it's gonna pay for itself, do it. else? hahaha!

i guess when you have your own, you're only beholden to your webhost, plus you have more control of what you have written instead of it disappearing just because your landlord thought that you've violated some lease terms hehehe

oh! topic for you thesis?! Leche tagal nang masters mo! hmmm... isip... guide mo kaya ang semplang kong isip? hahaha

Pinay Mommy said...

Hello Elmot! I heard your planing to move into a WP self-hosted platform. If you haven't found a blog host, just buzz me at my blog. I have my own blog hosting business and maybe I can help you with the migration. ^_^

Don't worry, my prices are very affordable. I have many clients already and most of them are kapwa Filipinos.

Anyway, I wish you the best for school year 2009 - 2010!!

Jake _ Web Journey said...

Man I love your writing style. You're hilarious.

I definitely know what you're going through. I am starting high school soon, and it is hard to balance life, school, blogging, and other hobbies.

elmot said...

@dee: it is good to be back...hay...

you surely did make sense. mukang lahat tayo kelangan to take things one at a time. ill take your advice dee ehehe :D

elmot said...

@fedhz: ehehe, makikitsimis ka rin ah. wala yun anoh. just dig through sa mga nakaraang post, yun na yun ehehe! tsikaminute!

di nga ako benebentahan ni jan eh, ipon daw muna kami for the thesis theme. tawaran nlg dito oh, ehhe

elmot said...

@gem: and medyo ihanda mo na ang sarili mo gem, kasi bubulaga na lg ang email ko sayo, ehehe...

patulong maglipat ng blog ko from blogger to wp, pleeeeaaassseee. ehheehe

elmot said...

@reyna: eheheh! o nga eh, sobrang tamad ba naman kaya eto, di kopa rin natapos thesis ko, waaaahhhh!

oo nga, basta't andyan na yang self-hosted blog its gonna pay for itself. akin na talaga di ba. sariling palasyo ko na to reynz ehehe

elmot said...

@pinaymommy: i will surely check out your site and the rates for your hosting. do you give discounts for newbie like me? ehehhe

elmot said...

@jake_Web_journey: thanks bro! yeah, i am really literally juggling all these stuffs, stuffs that i love doing.

eh, thanks for the compliment on my writing style. hope to see you here more often.

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