Friday, May 22, 2009

Elmot's List of Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2009!

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I can’t believe it, but this is actually my 100 and first post since I started blogging. Wow! Now, I am hearing throngs of my screaming fans…somewhere. And if I could only twist some arms from or I was just plainly a tech genius that could find ways to escape the natural talent of Ms. Janette Toral for nifty details and where to find them of course; I could have given Roy a good fight with his inclusion of my blog to his own set of prestigious nomination. Maybe this blog would simply fit for the Influential Blogs category huh? Oh, now I am hearing once again my screaming fans…somewhere. LOL!

I am therefore already content with the fact that so many great bloggers were actually planning to include my blog on their lists without me begging for it; even the Reynz, Queen of Pinoy Blogosphere focused her eyes on me (blushing), a boylet understudy, only to learn later that I am disqualified. So she has to yield to the authority. See, even the queen follows rules, nut head senators!

So, since this blog fell from the ranks of nominations because of technicality, what a way to spend my 101st post but by making my own list of nominations for the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009.

Beware: all nominees on my list are crazy bloggers! When you get near them, you will get addicted to their blogs and become rabid commenters…just like mine. So better know them. LOL!

Elmot’s Crazy Nominees to the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2009

1. Jan of Sa Labas ng Mandaluyong – All hands to my Big Bro! And at the same time the LJ of your dreams. No, not LJ Reyes or Moreno on their kinky polka dot bikinis…it’s Lolo Jan! What can I say, the blog name already speaks for itself why he is on top of crazy my list of blogs. LOL!

2. Roy of The Struggling Blogger – If this guy have 13 damn great blogs all working just fine, we are all therefore doing a great disservice to this genius and blogger on steroids if he is not included in our list. Did your mom Idol Roy made you drink steroids instead of infant formula? LOL!

3. Snow of Dear Bloggery – What can I say about her? Cute. What else? Cute. Now, where is my balut dear Snow? Don’t forget the suka and asin ha? Ehehe!

4. Dee of Tales From the Mom Side – Great mom, writer and lawyer! The wife of the one and only “handsome” (according to Dee) Luke Skywalker. For all those who love freebies, this is the place to be. :D

5. Doc Zayden of Zorlone – A full-time poet and part-time doctor. A full-time doctor and a part-time poet. Loves “bukols”and making great sizzling scripts for dear Elmot and his students. That is Z! I nominated him so that he will get his hands off his digicam and his “careless whisper moves”. LOL!

6. Silver of Dare to Speak Out – The Kuya Germs of your dreams! Don’t sue me Roy for plagiarism. Blogger 24/7, she posted one of the most outrageous Storm Trooper having an LBM beside her laptop.

8. Fhedz of Home Buddies – Once called her a “bro” after her tear-jerking comment on my post. What a nut I was, LOL! She will remind you of your own very loving mom on her posts.

9. You!

10. You!

2 More Spots For Us to Work Out!

Though I was totally searching the web to complete my list, unfortunately, I don’t want to have a monopoly on making my list of nominations. So for all of you guys, kindly help me out decide which blogs to include on the last two spots, suggest here blogs (either your own or of someone you know) that are worthy to be included here. A balot would already do, but hey, I will ask some more from you.

This is first. He should qualify for this project; and that would not lead me therefore to making my “tough ten” nominees.

Second. The blogger is one crazy blogger, that whenever you visit his/her blog; you instantly become one screaming fan and a rabid commenter doing your own social climbing 101.

Third. The blogger/blog that you would suggest here is not involved in a sex scandal fronting the You Tube. If you think that they are prone to doing one, then it is time for you to do your divine civic duty: nominate them here and save them from the wrath of Bong Revilla!

Plus,do some convincing here with the other guys (know them too) that you deserve to be nominated. My nomination is not some freebie; earn it dude. That is the way it is.

Give Me Some Lovin!

So for all those nominated here and will be nominated, I would ask you therefore to also give me some lovin (careless whisper playing as background music, turning on the aircon). No, I am not asking you to nominate me and receive Ms. Janette’s edict that I am disqualified. I would be simply asking you to support my blog, this very famous blog, in your own special way. That’s it!

And from my end, since I nominated you, I will do my very best to campaign for all of you…through traditional ways and dirty tricks alike. Ooops…

So, maybe I will just wait for my freshly-baked Garden Gourmet Pizza Doc Z?

Give Ms. Janette and Our Sponsors Some Lovin

This writing and blogging project is the brainchild Ms. Janette Torral and made possible by generous sponsors: The Absolute Traders, My Brute Cheats, and Business Summaries.

On to you now guys!

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Roy said...

Dr. Zayden lol on that

Now, I'm pressured bro.

I need to get back to my other blogs and update all those I haven't touch for quite a while

No, I never took steroids. Like what I am always saying, I have been drinking coffee (w/out milk or cream) since I was a child... that's I'm always nervous lol

Thanks for vote bro!

Lucrecio Emerito said...

Doc Zayden, :) that was cool.

Thanks for nominating Dee. BTW, the link to Jan's blog and that to Dee's blog seems to have a problem, Elms. Ganyan ba talaga?

DiTesco said...

Hello Elmot. No, I will not nominate myself as I think I do not qualify for the rules of engagement on this very interesting initiative. I would however like you to consider a blog that I believe fits all the requirements and rightfully deserves to be in this list. My suggested nominee is Bingkee's Blog - I love Hate America. I'm sure you've been there and unless I am mistaken, that blog definitely qualifies. What do you think?

Obviously, all other blogs in your list deserve to be here, and I congratulate all for that matter.

BTW, congrats (for what it's worth) on breaking the century mark.. Keep it going..

A final word, don't you want to remove that bar on top of your template (google blogger bar)? If you want and don't know how, send me an email and I will send you the code (not DaVinci's), that will make that disappear, lol

ceblogger said...

bro elmot, you're not qualified? i nominated you. btw, check on Dee's link. it leads to nowhere.

zorlone said...

Pareng Elmot,

Thank you very much for the nomination. That means so much.

Ayos ang pagpapakilala mo sa akin dito. hehehe. Iba ang dating. hehehe.

Minsan nga naiisip ko na din, parang full time poet ako at part time doctor. I have more time infront of the computer than with my patients. Ganyan talaga ang nagsisimula ng practice.

I could change to strugglingdoctor, but I think Roy already has the copyright of all the strugglingpreofessions. LOL

Thanks again, examining for masses (bukol) will never be the same. Maaalala lang kita at ang post na ito. hek hek hek...

At next time, di na ako bubulong ng walang pagiingat s'yo.


Snow said...

Aw, thank you. Pero bakit cute lang? ^_^

Jan said...

By far, this is the funniest and craziest Top 10 List of Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009 I have ever read. Congrats, Elmot. Pure WTF gold!

I love the picture. Put some crazy eyeglasses on her, make her hold a cup of coffee - and that well could have been me all right. But she's got to lose that hair though. Try semi-kalbo cut.

Thank you Elmot for including me in your list. I'm truly honored, tickled, flabbergasted, thrilled, cannot-contain-myself happy!

You are not on my blog top 10 list, but hey, try this: My personal list bears no expiration or cut-off date. Because it is written on the back of friendship, common aspirations and yes, even the all too often bursts of craziness and fun stuff I co-author with you.

Influential, my foot! Pshaw -we maybe "influential", but you are insufferably the best!

Kelvin Servigon said...

Congrats to the nominees. Please consider Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0 ( a photoblog which started last sept. 2008. Thank you!

elmot said...

@roy: you really deserve naman on that second spot bro. ehehhe! nervous ka pa nyan lagi ha, ehehe, pano pa kaya kung confident ka na di ba...

elmot said...

@luke: sige, i m gonna check out those links, baka my typo...

elmot said...

@diTesco: thanks bro for dropping by here and supportng all these guys on my list. you are correct, these people are really deserving to be there.

yeah, 100 and 1 posts...and many more to come.

thanks for suggesting bingkee. i just hope that she would want to also join the contest though, coz i think she expressed quite a hesitation at roy's blog last time.

wow, i would love get my hand on that code, ehhe! now you know how to make some good joke here, ehhehe! i will email you for that :D

elmot said...

@ceblogger: thanks bro ha, ehehhe! sige lg maski disqualified, bigay mo nlg sa ibang tropa natin yung spot ko. yeah, im gonna check the link...leads indeed to nowhere,e hehe!

i will check out your list too to give our guys support :D

elmot said...

@Z: ehehe, buti di ka naman napikon sa mga pagpapakilala ko sayo dito. mas pinapasikat pa kitang lalo bro, ehhhe! basta't wala ka lg talagang video.

oo nga eh, mas busy ka pa yata sa blogging kysa pag asikaso ng mga pasyente mo ehhhee! buti di ka napapagalitan ni madam ehehhe!

edited na nga to eh, ehehe! ikaw pa, lam ko namang di mo mapipigilang bumulong eh ehehe

elmot said...

@snow: so that means that i will not receive my balut courtesy of dear bloggery? ok, oks...

magandang si snow, ehhhe! oks na? balut ko? wahuhuhu...

elmot said...

@jan: ikaw pa, sympre nsa number one spot ka, ehehh! i am glad you enjoyed my post, at least di napikon si Z, eehhe!

thanks, maski wala namang ganito eh talgang sama-sama pa rin tayo mga tropa at tayong dalawa sa kalokohan sa blogging at sa lahat ng bagay...

i am just doing my civic duty for Z ehehhe!

meron kayang best blogging buddies si janette? hmmm

elmot said...

@kelvin: thanks bro for dropping by...sige i ll visit once again your blog. i think jan nominated you already and i took a visit last time...

Dee said...

Hi Elmot! :)

Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the nomination! I'm really touched. :D

Snow said... in magandang magsulat?!?! ^_^

Jan said...

@Crazy lil bro Elmot: I hope you don't mind. But you've got your numbering wrong. You missed number 7. So you're now short of 3 candidates instead of two. Hala! Ahahaha.

I'd help you with one. Try Kelvin. Since he got a fancy camera he has since went a little crazy: turned his blog upside down and converted it into a nice photoblog. O, qualified na ba? lols.

fedhz said...

huwaah? hehe. I was checking out your blog link so I can put a linkylove in my blog and find me here? are you sure? hehehe. oh yeah, it's Fedhz by the way. the H is in between D and Z. wow, like Dee and Doc Z.

cute naman ng tough ten. ako kaya kelan maka sulat ng tough ten ko. may inaayos lang ako sa blog ko. salamat hah. ayan tuloy, di na maalis sa utak ko yang Careless whisper na yan.

hahah! you missed 7.. hehe. pero tama crazy bloggers nga. hehehe.

Jan said...

Elmot, did you call Fedhz a bro once? lols. But you're not alone. Ada of Adaphobic replied to a comment left by Fedhz and prefaced with "Sir Fedhz" My top 10 candidates are not only OMG cuties but also a little crazy.

To recap: Fedhz, Ada, Kelvin, and Rye of FlaminDevil - they are all cute and have that kilig factor too for the adoring fans.

By the way, I think Snow will not mind if I apply OMG Cute to all my top 9 candidates. I'm stiil short of one candidate. Me slacker, I know. :(

Languages Internationale said...

nice topics you have going on here!

is it rude to ask for exchange links?


hope to see you around!

Jan said...

@Languages internationale: Yeah, the topic is indeed nice. If you can contribute positively to the discussion. Even negative contribution in fact is better than going around blogs leaving your spammy comment.

FYI, you've been to my blog and left precisely the same copy and paste comment. And to think I've replied to you nicely. You've left the same crap in Chuvaness blog. What's the matter with you huh? You don't love languages anymore?

Let's see if you reply to this comment. If you do then there's hope for you. At least it shows you're concerned what kind of impression you're leaving. Disabuse my mind if you think I've rubbed you the wrong way. I stand corrected.

Dee said...

@Jan: Oh, he hasn't been to my blog yet! Uh, does that mean my topics aren't nice? Reminds me to take a second look at my posts... Hahaha! Kidding, Jan! Peace! :D

Jena Isle said...

Hi Elmot,

Sayang nga, I was rooting for you too. But you're still featured in my blog. have you seen your cute picture nicely displayed?

Kapitbahay pala kayo ni "Doc Zayden" , I mean Doc Zorlone. I hope hindi kayo mag du-duet sa pag sing.

I enjoyed this post; came out smiling. Kudos to you!

Irene said...

This was the funniest post I have ever read about the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2009! :)

Micah | SEO Specialist said...

This is a cool post! I hope I could get nominated too. In the future... haha, my site is very new... :)

Jan said...

@Dee: Ahahaha. That's a good one. Mainit ang ulo, kulang sa kape kasi.

@Mam Jena: I think you're referring to Yatot who's Doc Zayden's neighbor. ",) I know all these things kasi tsismoso ako - it's in my dossier somewhere. Ahahaha

elmot said...

@dee: wala un, i think you truly deserve to be on that spot...eheheh! especially with the books you are generously giving away ehhehe!

elmot said...

@snow: hmmm, let me think for a while what i really mean, eheheh!

of course, you have both worlds...maganda magsulat at maganda ang looks...nice! balut ko??? huhuhuhu...

elmot said...

@jan: you are really into details, ehhehe! that is the essence of it, lost track of my numbering coz i am one crazy blogger doing this nomination.

oks, ill take a good look of kelvin's blog. i am seeing that he is one of your favorite here,e ehehhe!

elmot said...

@fedhz: don't worry i am not on drugs when i included you on my list, though i think i was high on sniffing a burning flip flop when i called you bro, eheheh! sorry for that once again....

i am also excited to read your own list...of course, you would not be missing number 7 on your own list eh? ehehe

elmot said...

@language internationale: you maybe are good at using the language, but sorry, but i am not easily hooked on such uncourteous way of asking for links.... better luck next time...if there will be.

elmot said...

@jan: now i am seeing your with all horns and fuming like a bull, ehehe! yatot ikaw ba yan? ehehe!

nice one...kala ko sakin lg xa kapal gums eh, aba, umariba na rin pala xa blog mo, eehheh!

elmot said...

@jena isle: yeah, thanks for featuring me on your blog,e ehehh! cute? hmmm...ung elephant ba yung picture ko dun? eheheh!

now, doc Z is having a new moniker, baka ipa ambush ako nito sa ginawa ko sa kanya....ehehe... hindi na ito magshashare mga careless whispers nya, siguro careful whispers nlg doc z,e eheh!

elmot said...

@irene: i am glad that you enjoyed my post...and because of my crazy writing about all i nominated here, i have more death threats now eheheh!

thanks for the visit! :D

elmot said...

@micah: i think most of us are really newbies into blogging but i also hope that you could also be nominated next time...

thanks for the visit, hope that you could also meet all the gang here :D

Silver said...


Salamat sa pagnominate mo sa blog ko!!!


elmot said...

@silver: musta? eheheh! i think this is a big surprise for you na andito ka pala sa list ko, di man lg kita na inform, ehehe!

but the bottomline is, you deserve to on that spot. :D

reyna elena said...

EEEEKKK!!!! BOYLET!!! ME BAKANTE! hahaha! Barrio Siete! Barrio Siete! HAHAHA!

Please! Barrio Siete!



elmot said...

@reyna: ehehhe! talagang nakaluhod ka pa talaga ah ehhe! blush tuloy ako..

hmmm....basta may pizza? waheheheh..

let us see, abangan ang susunod na kabanata...:D

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