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A Bald Joke and Some "Hayden" Cameras

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Oh, Senator Bong Revilla Jr. from the province of Cavite has abruptly taken the center stage in the last couple of days both on TV interviews (which he consistently does) and a rare privilege speech to lash out immoralities in our society speaking up like some member of the Inquisition of the middle ages. The only difference is Bong does not wear those funny toga and clerical outfits with henchmen on the side, instead have his own version of a long-back hairstyle (looks like mine). His barber should be very lucky to be still walking a free man.

And though his privilege speech was obviously well-written and well-researched by his staff, his delivery nonetheless was very much painted with nervousness and by his familiarity of “where is the camera” looks. These ironies are indicative of two reasons: first, because he delivers privilege speeches lesser than the number of his fingers on his right hand and second because he has perfected the art of acting in front of the camera. Lights, camera, speak honorable senator!

Alec Baldwin’s Bad Joke

“A senator from the Philippines cries foul and seeks an apology from Mr. Baldwin over his deemed derogatory remarks…” was the somewhat the report of Debbie Metanoupolous at E!’s Top Ten Weekend (hey, got tired of the senseless eccentric showbiz reporting of Kris Aquino who only wants to flaunt by the way her freckled back and what else, herself and misadventures!). Then the picture of Mr. Revilla was flashed! Wow! So he could now be leveled side by side with Charice and Arnel Pineda as international stars eh? Hmmm…It would be very interesting if Debbie and her team could also report Mike A’s diarrhea after voraciously consuming Ben Abalo’s “burjer” the last time he went on a presidential trip, or GMA’s infamous “I am sorry, noh”.

On to the main topic. Before, it was Teri Hatcher questioning the medical qualifications of our doctors. Then, Harry & Paul ridiculing a Filipina maid as a sex symbol. And most recently was Chip Tsao calling our country a nation of servants. Adding to the list just days ago is Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock saying at David Letterman’s Show “I think about getting a Filipino mail-order bride at this point or a Russian one, I don’t care, I’m 51," He detonated the bomb, came the protests obviously from all sides.

This is totally a nasty, derogatory comment if to be read at face value. Forgive me Oprah, but hey, I always watch the David Letterman Show. And this is my take on this one.

I personally would rather look at these kinds of statements first, in its context and second on the deeper truth that it tries to point us to.

Gary Lising, one of our A-list comedians in the country (save for his corny green jokes), shared his perspective on this kind of issue when he was interviewed by our campus journalists. He said, being a writer before on shows like that of Letterman in the U.S., one really needs to be intelligent as a viewer in order to decipher the bomb of punch lines and second, intelligent enough as a viewer to realize that those punch lines are pointing to glaring bits of reality that we are into. These kinds of shows are never equal to Wowowee (this is mine). Thus, a nation or a collection of people who are not conscious of these two contexts would easily bark at the wrong tree. Furthermore, satire is something that is not yet accepted in the Philippines. Thus we would not wonder why there are those who would crack jokes during a drinking session and would end up a bloody mess in minutes; or hundreds of our radio commentators who tackles societal issues either in satirical or frank manner ending up on the long death list of Filipino journalists.

I asked myself therefore, if Teri, Harry & Paul, Chip Tsao and Alec Baldwin are saying all these things I think Alec’s remark is not the last one we will ever hear (lest…), then maybe there is really some truth to it? If my father, mother, brother, sister, even my neighbor and officemates are telling me that I have a dark skin, would I cry racial discrimination or will I look in the mirror?

According to one of our local news channel, the Philippines and Russia are the two top countries that advertise in the U.S. mail order brides, quoting from one recent research study (if I could only find that research). Then, Baldwin is certainly pointing to something true, he just forgot the citation.

For me, though diplomatic protests and all these noise being created by politicians on riding with the issue for their own political grand-staging are done and we may get the sincerest apologies of Alec, the question is, since there is some truth in all that these people are saying, “what are we to do next?” So far, what I have only seen from the government is as part of our collective effort on the issue is just to “bark” and wait for another slur.

Another Hilton for Stardom or Behind Bars?

This is not another Paris Hilton, or Kim Kardashian or Edie Chen case on the spot spotlight; with the first two getting famous and a million dollar richer from their sex videos and the last one fleeing away from Hong Kong so as not to suffer from the hands of protesters.

This is Dr. Hayden Kho, a celebrity medical doctor who got the ire and tons of tirade from Sen. Revilla and feminists groups. On his “rare privilege speech” entitled “A Doctor’s Perversity” (wow, this could pass for a good film title and I bet Sen. Bong taking the lead role will surely make him take home the top acting plum, just like his buddy Jinggoy Estrada; Wait are they senators or actors? Darn, I could no longer make any distinction.) after his “sex videos” with different girlfriends leaked out at video sharing sites. The anger of the senator could not be contained that he labeled Kho a “pervert of the highest order” and a “predator” and is seeking from the Professional Regulation Commission the revocation of his medical license.

This is not something new. So many innocent women have already been victimized by crazy perverts and those videos were used to blackmail the victims for either cash or another cheap romance. The lack of specific law that would punish individuals with this kind of perversity passes them to be filled a case with a lower punishment and fine. Therefore, perverts are unfortunately could easily be back roaming the streets hunting for their next victim. Thumbs up to Sen. Revilla on this, only until he does everything he preached especially the passage a specific law to combat this ill. We are watching Kap.

If Hayden has to learn some valuable lessons therefore from the honorable senator and other pablings, these are; First, ask the consent of your partner, use your charm not brute force. Second, don’t make any sex videos all the more leak these stuffs to You Tube; don’t leave any evidence or trail. Gossips are gossips but evidence would kill you man. And third, keep it clean dude, nice and easy. Did I get it right Sir Bong? Now, I am not anymore wondering why he is fondly called Hayden…he likes to put “hayden cameras” during his hot moments. You crap doctor! You deserve and all fellow perverts to languish behind bars.

Senator Revilla is really doing over time eh?

On to you guys. What is your opinion regarding Alec Baldwin’s remarks; should it be taken as a joke or taken seriously offending? Do you think that these incidents from Teri to Alec are serious issues worth introspecting? What can you say about Dr. Hayden Kho’s sexcapades and posting these on video sharing sites? So Senator is really doing some catching up? Let us make this issue more interesting by sharing our thoughts here.

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Roy said...

I think Baldwin's comment won't be the last one... not by a long shot.

While I am one in protesting these kind discrimination in our race, we also have to admit that they are really not without basis.

let not neighbors throw their trash our yard... but let us clean our yard as well, and let our own trash being seen scattered around... it will invite the flies

as for hayden (purposedly written in small letter), yes, his license should be stripped

Roy said...

that should read "let not neighbors throw their trash IN our yard..."

additional for Baldwin, I also agree he doesn't deserve a Filipina wife

Holly Jahangiri said...

Roy wrote: "additional for Baldwin, I also agree he doesn't deserve a Filipina wife."

But a Russian one or an American one, sure? :) This offhand remark Baldwin made, taken out of context, is hard to judge - but the kernel of truth in it, if there's one to be had, doesn't make American women look too hot, either. I think the perception among men, here, is that "mail-order brides" from other countries are more docile and doting on their men than American "feminists." So it's not necessarily an insult, and you can find these ads for foreign "mail-order brides" easily; you can't blame Baldwin for the fact that they exist.

As for Teri Hatcher's remark in Desperate Housewives: First, blame the script writers. Not the actress who is delivering the lines. And it might've been any country - the perception here is that people come from all over the world to study medicine in the U.S., while second-rate students (including U.S. citizens) who cannot get admitted to a U.S. med school go to "inferior" foreign med schools. Blame ignorance, but it's not specifically directed at the Philippines. My daughter's pediatrician was from S. America. I think he earned his degree in Chile. I chose him because my OB/GYN and his partner - with 5 kids EACH - took their children to him and highly recommended him. To me, that's how you choose a doctor. But I was even WARNED by his own receptionist, when making the appointment, that some people were put off by his accent and the fact that he'd earned his degree in Chile. Hey, I got a great pediatrician and few long waits in the waiting room. Their loss, my gain.

Jan said...

A few quick notes:

1. What's wrong with Alec Baldwin's joke? That's nothing. Mail-order brides. It exists. Why are we in denial exactly? That's a non-issue. The more pressing problem I think is the trafficking of women into while slavery in Europe and other Western countries. All under the guise of overseas employment. Now, that's a real problem.

2. Desperate Housewives. It's true Terri Hatcher is just an actor spouting lines written for her. Perhaps it's too much to ask of her to be our last line defense against slurs in our medical schools. It's the scriptwriters and producers who should held accountable for what they said. On what ground? That we were offended?

What's with us as a nation anyway. We are so easily offended with these things. Let's get our medical schools in tip top shape. Run after those diploma mills. Much energy is spent fainting over that insult and this slight and shouting ourselves hoarse with our protestations. What have we done lately to make us build a decent nation? It's time we focused our energy and imagination on something useful for a change.

3. Something useful. Now, just a suggestion: Please leave Kris Aquino alone. I like her, I love her. At least she's laugh out loud funny. And she's being herself. What you see is what you get. How many in showbiz can do that and still be lovable. So my plea to you guys? Back off. Ahahaha. If you don't want to get a rise out of me. Let her be. ",)

4. Senator Bong Revilla. Who he? Never heard.

5. Hayden. I don't know about him. Let's ask Doc Hayden Z. Any input, my good Doc Z?

Snow said...

Gentlemen indeed is only a handful nowadays! Honestly, gusto kong arnisin yang si doctor quack-quack na si hayden at yang si alec baldwin..Grrr...

Hi elmot! ^_^

Roy said...


I believe my statement ended with the words "Filipina wife" and I checked it again to see if there is a period after the last word, which means it ends there.

There was never a hint in it that Baldwin is better off with another race, is there?

So please, don't put words in my mouth, or should I say 'add words to my statement'

And if I need to explain the statement, I'd like to ask a simple question, would you allow a man to marry your mother knowing that he thinks of her as someone he can easily order from a catalog?

I know, your mother has nothing to do it, and neither does my mother.

But you see, my mother is a Filipina, my wife is a Filipina, my daughter is a Filipina, my sisters are Filipina, and so are my aunties, and half of my cousins! I could go on forever here

and Baldwin's statement is directed to every Filipina, which includes my mother, my wife, my daughter, and every Filipina close to me

as for the truth behind the statement, like what I said in my first comment the statements are "not without basis"

but that doesn't give anybody any legal right to insult us or "rub it on our face"

supposed we meet on the street, and you saw that I am the most unimaginable, ugliest face you have ever seen, does it mean that you can call me ugly, given the fact that your statement is true?

as for it being "not an insult" it sure is definitely NOT a compliment! Maybe it was meant to be joke, but then, at whose expense?

I really don't expect you to see it my way because obviously, we see it at different angles, but this is how I feel.

Lucrecio Emerito said...

This is a nice read. A great post with thoughtful comments.

I learned a lot of things. Yatot is a fan of Juday and Jan is a fan of Kris. Hmmm. Also, ma'am Snow does arnis! What a tough lady. :) I'll have to ask her to teach me some moves.

Oops. I think I'm missing the point. ;)

Jan said...

@Luke: Missing the point is the stuff that makes comedy great. Please do miss some more.

@Elmot: you have a talent for provocative posts. Now, tell me, where have you been exactly? Ah shooting hoops. And we are here left to fend for ourselves against Alec Baldwin and this Dr. Haydee what's his name.

Bring back some cold drinks when you choose to grace us with your presence again, huh? Ahahaha.

@Roy: Alec Baldwin is a loser, Roy. Can't even get along well with his daughter, last time I checked. He's spouted garbage, yes. Unfortunate.

It's best we let it slide. We can't afford to be on the look out for every slur spat in our general direction. We'd accomplish nothing. How about picking the important battles to engage in to conserve our energy? In my view, Alec Baldwin is not too big to be worth the bother.

Or maybe you're right. He is big. And should be repulsed, chastised and if need be skinned alive, figuratively.

Roy, it doesn't apply in this case, the following saying?: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Of course, it's by E. Roosevelt.

fifi said...

you should read's chief jo-ann maglipon on her take about the katrina-hayden scandal. i share her repugnance.

i agree with jan, too. the international criticisms we get should get us to act together about what we are doing to our country. as to bong revilla, someone has just spread some scandalous pics of him too; only in the philippines where politics and entertainment mix.

Jan said...

And speaking of scandalous behavior. This one is not caught on tape. But it is just as bad.

This scandalous behavior is this:

Since when have you visited Fifi? A little bird told me Fifi is feeling down lately because we seem to be ignoring her blog.

That's bad form. We are friends and friends don't ignore each other.

So let's visit Fifi, guys. Let's see if we can talk about Bong Revilla and his equally scandalous pics there. Ahahaha.

Footnote: I've pushed Fifi to get back to blogging. Which might explain now my concern for blog well being. Humor me, guys. Let's pay Fifi a visit, okay? ",)

Lucrecio Emerito said...

I will be there in her blog yesterday! Does that even make sense? Well maybe this limerick about time travel and relativity can help:

There once was a lady so bright;
She traveled much faster than light.
She departed one day
in a relative way,
and arrived on the previous night. :)

elmot said...

@roy: i agree, this kinds of words and comments would certainly not be the last one if we would only bark at these things without going to the root cause of things...

i really don't know if he deserves or not...that is from my own end.

and hayden should certainly be stripped of his license instead of stripping off his clothing in front of the camera

elmot said...

@holly: i can't blame baldwin either for the fact that mail-order brides with the philippines as number 1 on advertising it...i would rather blame the government which has all the mechanism to stop this human trafficking issue right down to its roots.

yes, blame it to the writers...unfortunately, teri is the face of such remarks...and all because of ignorance.

i am just glad you have one good pedia holly? so how is your sweetie?

elmot said...

@jan: and we are all burning calories to something that we are totally conscious about, something that we know that really exists. why not get down and start to work out to straighten things up...

sorry bro , i will not yield. i would rather go for james yap who shoots the ball to the hoop real good, than kris. ehehe! i would rather watch banana split with angelica and jason impersonating the showbiz duo. ehehe

good thing, you don't know bong that much. it is good for your health.

doc Zayden for sure will have good inputs for all of us here regarding the issue,e hehe! right Z?

elmot said...

@snow: eheheh! hey, i think i am one of those select gentlemen left, ehehe!

kakatakot ka naman, nag aarnis ka pala? ehehhe! may nakatago palang machong martial artist behind the cute face ah ehehe

elmot said...

@roy: sharing what you feel regarding the issue? hmmm...that is something i would not rather contest bro. i respect your point.

now we are hearing here the flaming patriot in roy.

elmot said...

@luke: and i have been enjoying here too with new revelations. well, yatot is the headmaster of judaism, while i think LJ is one kris fanatic...and snow, don't be deceived by her cute smile, lest you will end up using your insurance policy,e hehe!

you really know when to crack a good joke bro! ehehe

elmot said...

@elmot: sorry big bro for being away. yes, doing my part on our institutional sports fest, shooting the hoops!

cold drinks? right on time!

oks ill pay fifi a what has really happened to her why she wants to stop from blogging?

elmot said...

@fifi: hey, i am glad you are back here to mix it up with the guys. so how are you doing? jan is saying here some stuffs about your blogging.

yeah, i have seen in the news bong's own scandalous pics...that is why he should have asked himself first before delivering his furious remarks on his speech...God knows, he has his own skeletons on his closet too.

elmot said...

@holly: now, i think you have some forecasting prowess...remember you told me on one of my post that the issue would just fade when the public would be into another issue of sex scandal? eheheh! this is it!

Jan said...

Elmot: Do you love the sound of your own voice too much? Why are you talking to yourself huh? -

"@elmot: sorry big bro for being away. yes, doing my part on our institutional sports fest, shooting the hoops!"

Some people are hilarious without meaning to. Oh boy.

2. I didn't say Fifi wants to stop blogging. What I said was Fifi returned to blogging because I made life difficult for her. Thus, she went back to blogging perhaps just to humor me. To quote Roy, please don't put words into my mouth, young bro.

3. Why am I so testy? Because I have asked you only one small favor and yet you choose to turn in down. Go excoriate Kris at your own peril. I am prepared to cut diplomatic ties with you on this matter. Are you? Don't test my patience. Bah.

Holly Jahangiri said...

@elmot: I'm psychic. What can I say? :) (I've also lived longer. Human nature doesn't change all that quickly.) My "little one" is fine; both of them, actually. All's well in my world! You?

fifi said...

@jan: thanks for defending kris against elmot and everyone against her. i have been dying to meet her since i was a kid (don't tell everyone). and well, thanks for prodding these people to pay my site a visit. now i know which person to call when my time to run for president comes. ngek.

@luke: the limerick says it all. nyehehe...

@elmot: feeling ko naman site ko to, nagre reply sa mga nagko comment dito. hehehe...

@holly: i did visit your site many times but i couldn't find the comment button so i could not post my comment. (don't tell me straight to my face that i am an idiot...)

elmot said...

@jan: ahahhaha! would rather keep the tie bro. eheheh! checked out fifi's site and she posted the book she won at dee's.

ill let of kris ehhehe!

halo-halo you like?

elmot said...

@holly: remembered you immediately when this news broke out. is this some psychic powers of yours working in, or things really like these is part of a cycle that we are already used to?

i am happy for your angels...doing well, though so very busy the past couple of days...the grandfather of my wife died...

elmot said...

@fifi: wow, so now i really have to rest my case against kris, lest get an uproar and boycot from two giants, fifi & and jan eheheh!

don't worry, it is just oks, ehhe! natutuwa naman ako na nirereplyan mo silang lahat, ehehe! paid a visit to your site, ayos, napanalunan mo yung book! natanggap mo na book mo?

Jan said...

*grinning from ear to ear* Gotcha!!!

Ahahaha. Natakot sa palapa ko. ",)

Cool. Now, I'm happy.

elmot said...

@jan: now your palapa is back once again? ehehe!

bingkee said...

Wala na talagang magawa o masabi etong Senador na eto. Papansin lang siguro. Alec Baldwin's joke is just a joke. Which is of course, most of us , cannot deny it. There are really lots of mail-order brides from the Philippines. Teri Hatcher's lines are just scripted from a writer for that show. It's true the lines were demeaning and biased. The Chinese guy's joke was really off although there's some truth in it. However, the offense emerges from the way he "views" the whole nation. If he said in a different context or in a different manner, maybe the offense is not that bad. But generalizing the whole nation as "servants" is too much.

elmot said...

@bingkee: papansin talaga itong senador na to, tingnan mo after ng speech nya, wla na naglaho rin xang parang bula!

meron lang talagang mga katotohanan maski papanu ang mga sinasabi na mga taong ito patungkol sa bansa natin, na sa maraming pagkakataon ay nakakasakit at hirap tayong tanggapin...pero ang nararapat ay dapat rin nating suriin ang ating mga sarili at lipunan.

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