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Bloggers' Journey to Blogging

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I still have a long way to go. This blog that been buried at some anonymous corners of the boundless blogosphere for many months is now once again resurrected. With new zealous group of friends I gained recently in the blogosphere, I am now more disciplined with my posting deadlines and at the same time have managed my time at work; placed my priorities well enough on my internal task manager and trying to cultivate the attitude.

Trying to regain those valuable readers that this blog once had is one of the most pressing and daunting task for me. Injecting a new blood and life to this blog that have wandered into the wilderness is on top of my list.

In my journey to blogging, I realized that there are stages that one could not simply and easily escape to undergo which could either make one’s blog swim or sink. Jan wrote days ago of great tips on crafting one’s writing skills which is a very important aspect of blogging; to provide unique and interesting blog articles to readers. But as I saw it, another important part of writing/blogging is attitude. And as a blogger, having the technical skills on tweaking your blog is only secondary to having the skill to write. As they say, everyone can become a blogger, but only a select few can be both a blogger and a writer.

As I journeyed into blogging, got lost and once again found my way back, let me share some thoughts of the basically I could say a little process one undergoes as a blogger.

1. Hey what is this thing you call Blogging?

Remember the day your Mom accompanied you to school for your first day in class? Every blogger starts that way; a total stranger to blogging until one introduces him into it. A friend, family members, teachers, or the media would tickle his fancy about this strange thing. One is acquainted to blogging, for which he may resist, welcome it wholeheartedly or welcome it but with some hesitations. The neophyte would then be infected by the virus of blogging. He gets curious. Would then little by little put his foot to take a step forward and engage. Hey blogging is like an online diary eh!

2. I am already Blogger, am I?

When I was still starting to blog, I did not even know if what I was doing could even be called blogging. It was like pinning the tail of donkey blindfolded. I tried to key in phrases such as “blog, blogging, blogging tips, how to blog” on google and yahoo. Read online articles and established blogs to learn more about the craft and start on my own. I read and read. Search and read. The other side of it is of course to ask help from friends who have spent all their life blogging who can mentor you through the alleys and sideways of the blogosphere. And the latter is of course is the better way to pass successfully through this stage. One could then start here by having his own blog usually hosted by free blogging platforms such as blogger, wordpress or typepad.

3. Hey I am now a Blogger, no kidding.

Blogging at this point is still a trial and error process for most, a hit and miss and sometimes a hit and run. Your blog does not really look that well yet, not that much functionalities, widgets and features. It is still quite devoid of aesthetics and is basically simple yet has already that little voice trying to dialogue with the world. One then tries to innovate and create his own brand, echo his own unique voice, style of writing and focuses on a specified niche. He also tries to learn some tweaking of codes and add widgets and buttons. The enthusiasm is there and is building up. He is passionate with what he does, tries to do techniques to drive traffic into his work. He post articles and tweak, and post and tweak. Until the desired look and uniqueness of the blog is achieved. Your blog has subscribers already, some comments and link love.

4. Darn, I am indeed not a blogger.

I think this part always happens to a blogging journey of each and every blogger though at different phases or points of each individual experience. Self-doubts try to come in when desired results are not happening as expected. Visitors, comments and subscriptions to the blog go spiraling downwards. This downturn of one’s blog numbers carries unto it also the emotion and enthusiasm of the blogger. He feels dispirited. Slowly blog posts are not updated anymore; work loads are piling up while no consolation is seen at hand. That little voice of self-doubt gets louder, you are somewhat trying to push the panic button. You are trying to fight that voice but the reality just simply confirms it. Now, its either you swim or sink.

Most bloggers who fall prey into this process are those who work by themselves; without friends in the blogosphere who support them, and without mentors to push them forward and help them with their blogging problems and concerns. That is the beauty of having a mentor in this kind of business; you are not only listening to a single irritating voice.

5. I am Blogger, period.

I love my mom for she displays a great sense of wisdom, but when she was undergoing her own process of struggle during her menopausal stage, she was like a beast hated by everyone. I hated her that time too. But after that, she actually does not only display but more so share that depth and encompassing wisdom. That is why maybe, they say life begins at 40 while at the same time lecturing us to learn from the wisdom of the elders.

This is the stage of maturity for a blogger. After encompassing challenges to his blogging, this time he is got more confidence in his craft, more attitude and discipline to what he does and a sense of maturity to his blogging. A sense of optimism and renewed passion is evident.

6. The Blogging Continues

And there is no other way for a blogger but to continue doing the task he loves to do. Blogging for him continues, whether there are months where comments are not as high as the previous months or visitors and readers goes up and down. His maturity tells him not to waver, for as long as one blogs and does the right stuff to his blogging, everything is just fine and all shall be well. Maybe by this time one is already at the same time earning decently from his blogging. His acquired wisdom tells him that during challenging times of blogging, he has nothing to do but innovate and just be steadfast.

Blogging is a process and at most is a tedious one. But when one knows what he wants, focuses on his goal and patiently doing what he loves to do one step at a time not losing sight of the finish line, success is surely at hand.

One can never be a good writer when he does not even write. One who desires to become a singer when he does not sing.

Basically, one could become a good blogger by blogging. And when you feel down and the sound of self-doubt is whispering in your ears, try to interact with other bloggers and listen to them. For sure they have heard that voice too once in their blogging journey, and rest assured that they can give you a piece of advice to make it shut up.

Have you ever experienced these stages in your blogging journey? Do you agree on those stages of blogging I have shared? If not, why?

Or for those who does not have a blog yet, what keeps you away from blogging?

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bloggista said...

Blogging used to scare me because I simply don't have the talent to write good stories. I don't have excellent grammar, and I simply am not a writer.

People visit your blog and somehow there's a fear of getting ridiculed by others - but then I realized, what the heck - blogging - is a personal thing and then I started to bury those inhibitions and fears.

I may not have the best articles but I am just enjoying doing it. Its fun - and the best thing is I met lots of nice people and even made lots of friends. Truly these are the best joys blogging can give.

More power bro! You got the talent and the passion - no doubt soon you'll be one of those top Pinoy bloggers out there. I bet my every little pennies from google adsense with it. Hehe

Jan said...

The lowest level in hell - it is said - is reserved for writers who do not write. Maybe we can include bloggers there as well. You're safe, my friend. Your blogging mojo is back. LOL.

You've given this post a lot of thought and it shows, Elmot. Your passion shines through. I'm glad that in spite of your busy schedule you still set aside time for your blog. That's the spirit.

And hey, buddy, thanks a lot for the link love. Very much appreciated. :)

elmot said...

@ bloggista: i also felt that way in the start. hesitations and unconfident. first, because most bloggers who are only taken seriously are those who are working on wordpress platform or a self-hosted site. second, is who would listen to me or read my posts, knowing that i am also feeling unconfident with my writing style and grammar, etc.

but you said it right bro, just right, and enjoy the train ride.

thanks, your compliment is so flattering. i will do my best to give justice to every penny you will bet on me, ahhaha

elmot said...

@ jan: you are always welcome. i think it is indeed just a matter of trying to put everything in place and do each task one at a time. now, at this point, what i need is consistency, ahahha!

thanks for all the link love too.

whooshh...darn hot down there, been to purgatory though, ahaha! thank god, been rusurrected.

Roy said...

you are a blogger. PERIOD.

let not any nor any beast say otherwise... you live not by anybody else standards

what you write is your own... your blog is you...

and no one can really say what you are or what you are not

keep on blogging ;)

elmot said...

@roy: thanks! indeed, you are, what you write, your blog is yourself.

no should dictate us of what to say or do, for we are the only who are to measure ourselve.

hope you like the new look of my blog.

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