Friday, March 20, 2009

Sorry but, "Welcome World"

There was once a blogger who posted somewhere but now I got lost of him who said not, oh, actually never to leave on your blog this line: Welcome World! But now, let me defy him and again say and shout (if you can hear me screaming at the top of my voice from your computer screens) Welcome World!

If you may have noticed, my blog is now sporting a totally different look. Simply amazing. Animo is now on a Newspaper III template.

You may surely wonder how have I done this amazing thing. I would like to apologize but I was not the one who did the makeover. It may take a lifetime for me to this stuff: change the template, add pages, put widgets, and so and so forth. Let me admit at this part, I am just not your neighbor who you can call anytime to fix your sink.

Put your hands up for Yatot! He is just so amazing, first for the skills to tweak this blog and second but more importantly is his generosity of saying "yes" to help me out.

Thanks bro! And Jan, thanks for bridging me to the "man". And for that, I know simply saying thanks to Yatot would not just be enough, or even those link love. One thing I learned from working in the insitution where I am right now is giving the person due him; to simply put it, meritocracy. That is why, bro I am going to send you a La Salle shirt to show my gratitude for helping me out. And my means of asking apology for being hard-headed eh,LOL.

So what do you think of the new look of Animo? Like it?

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Roy said...

For a moment, I thought I was lost, hehe...

this is cool theme! :)

Yatot did a great work! Kudos!

What should I do to make him work on my's? :)

I guess you'll be blogging more now.

jhay said...

Ganda ng bagong disenyo.

Hawig ng sa blog ko, kulay asul at puti. Parang sa Ateneo, :P

Congrats sa bagong bihis na blog.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

welcome welcome welcome to the Philippine blog sphere!

Matulungin talaga si Yatot :D Hehe

Jehzeel Laurente said...

and oh... your new blog layout rocks :D

ice_hot said...

ako rin akala ko ibang site ang napuntahan ko... hahaha!!! amazing new theme malinis... malamig sa mga eyes... ay pala, i found another way to make money from your blog aside from google adsense: Make Money With PerformancingAds.

Snow said...

Nice theme you have here, clean and simple but classy. :)

elmot said...

@roy: i also thought i was also lost on my own blog. quite ecstatic.

i like this theme, just perfect as i imagined it, which would make me blog even more now.

i think you talk to yatot nlg, heheh

elmot said...

@jhay: your blog has a new look too, white and blue. ateneo? hahhah! blue is just my personal favorite.

thanks jhay. animo!

elmot said...

@jez: woah! can't believe it, jez left his footprints on my blog?! im so darn elated!

thanks bro! the blogosphere is just full of helpful people, like yatot, jan, you, bloggista, and many more...

wait, jez? is that really you down here? hahhha!

elmot said...

@ice_hot: one thing that i have loved about this theme is its clean, nice layout being a three-column, looks quite professional ans simple.

the white background is also a winner for me.

thanks for dropping by.

by the way, i tried to subscribe to your blog but it failed, dont know why.

elmot said...

@snow. totally right, clean, nice, classy for a blogger-hosted blog.

though i need to put some more improvement esp the header and on the footer.

thanks for dropping by.

yatot said...

salamat naman at nagustuhan nyo ang bagong theme ni elmot! thanks jehz for the compliment... hhehheh... yah! im so greatful talaga... lols! at uu... mabuhay ang la salle!!! kahit blue ang theme ng blog mo! hahahha... thanks sa t-shirt in advance.. i'll be waiting for it! ayt!

elmot said...

@yatot: sympre, i love the makeover.

eh, di ba you said that you have been to la salle also , hehehe.

actually, i am still looking for a shirt to fit for your size request, at medyo nahihirapan ako dun...ehehhe

yatot said...

@elmo: hahhaha... ssshhh..wag kang maingay... baka mabuking! =P

elmot said...

@yatot: sikretong malupit natin to, ehehe... xxs size mo di ba?

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