Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Manny Pacquiao's Irritating Antics

When the bell rings, he is a fearless beast armed with a complete two-fisted arsenal. He is now a very different warrior compared to his first international appearance as an unknown young, sleek yet promising power puncher from the Philippines. Today, he is a two-fisted slugger and tactician; a complete fighter with deadly power punches and blinding speed courtesy of Freddie Roach. Inside the four corners of the boxing ring, he is the king. No one can stop him even the Golden Boy that obviously shown his rusted self, as he fears no one; that is, if the price is right. Manny Pacquiao has reached the pinnacle of success as an athlete carrying always upon his shoulders a nation mired by corruption and poverty.

But the Pacman’s immortality stops as soon as he steps out of the war zone.

March 17 when news circulated that Manny’s May 2, 2009 fight with the British boxing superstar Ricky Hatton would no longer be locally televised on Solar Sports and in effect on GMA Network. He said that he approached local media giant ABS-CBN Corporation to air his next fight reasoning that Solar Sports had breached their contract when they did not fulfill their financial obligations to the Pound-for-Pound king. This is when the confusion clouded the media, sports analysts, boxing aficionados and the fans while the Pacman is hundred of miles away in a tightly-guarded Wildcard Gym sweating it out in preparation for his mega-fight.

He never saw it coming. An uppercut of lawsuit amounting to 150 million was readied by Solar Sports in reaction to Manny’s decision, for they never saw any breach of contract on their part. They still have broadcast rights over Manny’s fights until 2011 and their contract have provisions to follow when things severe between the two parties.

But Manny countered this by his usual head and lateral movement. Bring it on baby. But hey, 150 million is 150 million, it is no joke at all. Manny had no place to hide anymore though he may run all night long. He was hit and knocked down. By the fact that he was wrong, no need for a judge to give him a standing eight count.

Went back to Solar Sports, asked for an apology for the confusion he made to the public and to the parties concerned, and left a stinging jab at ABS-CBN saying that he never permitted the airing of his interview inviting people to watch his May 2 fight on ABS-CBN. And now Manny is on the hot seat.

This is not something new. Manny has shown this irritating attitude before when he signed up and received a fat paycheck from Golden Boy Promotions only to shock the world by his signing up at Bob Arum’s outfit Top Rank Promotions. And this new problem that Manny entered into is another big solid punch to his reputation and integrity. His antics outside the right are just so irritating. His attitude of hitting below the belt is just so unbecoming.

Is Manny the victim here?

Boxing so they say is a red light district of gamblers, hustlers and hot-bloodied financiers hidden from the spotlight. In short, the sport is a big money-maker. It is a gold mine. Manny could have been ill-advised by the hundreds of people around him who may have some kickbacks after all when he switches corners. Or he may have been lured by a bigger offer of the rival station in order for them to air his fight and so also rake in millions of pesos from sponsorships and advertisers. There are so many speculations, but behind the fa├žade, money changes hands; that is one sure thing. Manny could have been the poor victim of network wars or a victim of greed of some?

Or we could also look at it this way; that Manny has that attitude problem that tarnishes his seemingly immaculate athletic ability. He also could have felt so powerful and great that he could just dupe business partners as easy as like sending his foes to kiss the canvass. If he can send boxing champions kneeling before him full of sweat and blood by his sheer strength, he could do the same maybe outside the ring.

This hullaballoo only tells us that the champ that we adore is not totally perfect and far from being a heaven-sent messiah many of us used to feel. This nasty incident only confirms that Manny cannot rule the world and cannot own the world by his sheer power and speed. The world is simply more complex and complicated than foes inside the boxing arena. And maybe entering politics especially being in the legislature is not simply anointed on his fate.

Just box. That is where we put you on high esteem.

Do think that Manny Pacquiao has indeed attitude problems? In this incident involving his upcoming mega-bout, is he the one at fault? What do you think the pound-for-pound king should just do?

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Roy said...

more than just attitude problem... HE IS THE PROBLEM!

two things:

sucess has really gotten into his head, he thinks he can get away with everything.


all those punches he received knocked every nerve in his brains and somehow affected his logic


he really just wanted more money or his name ain't Money Pacquaio!


that's three!

(honestly, I can think of some more , hehe..)

Jan said...

Well I don't care. I still love Manny. Come to think of it, you can only be great in boxing for just a set amount of years. Boxers have a short shelf life. He's just grabbing the right opportunities while they're still there for the taking. I just wish he gives the legal implications of his decisions a lot of thought so he won't get into a lot of trouble. Maybe he needs top caliber lawyer in his stable. He can afford one after all. :)

Hahaha. Word verification says "rants."

Ano ito contextual na? Galing ah. :)

jeremae said...

i don't see manny as the problem here... as you know, boxing is still showbiz.. knowing his education level..? people should have think that there's someone behind this.. His advisers and supervisors are totally NUTS! these MONEY-FACED people toyed with the brain of this poor guy... tsk tsk tsk..

but no matter what pinoy says about him, wouldn't they be proud if he'll win another game..? man.. this is just another shooting another game.. everyone is shooting everyone.. its not manny's side that is aiming money.. lol.. solarsports too.. X_X

anyways.. thanks for commenting in my blog.. ^_^ jeremae here.. ^_^

elmot said...

@roy: your smokin hot. read your posts also about the pacman. well, money talks, and money talked without thinking about the grave implications of his statements to the public.

now, he sounds like dela hoya who blamed freddie roach for losing against mayweather.

now, manny blames abs... this is just too much

elmot said...

@jan: i agree. boxers submit themselves to alot of punishing, and no one comes to hold a status of a pound-for-pound king without the grueling training and physical punishment, that may take its toll on them on later life. they therefore need to get always the better end of the bargaining.

however, he needs to put into context his prowess. in the area where legal issues are weaved into, one cannot just rush into things.

rants? ehehe... contextual. blogger might have felt your energy jan. LOL

elmot said...

@jeramae: yeah, i am also wondering why this has happened knowing that manny has so many advisers around him following him like dogs.

or maybe, they have known the trouble that manny has entered into, but are just too hesitant to tell the champion or hit his ego and be fired from his circle.

that is why, abs-cbn just said that they respect manny despite of what happened. well, yo are right, when manny takes home the crown, this incident would be simply and easily forgotten.

your welcome, your blog is all pink, ehhee.

you are always welcome here. *wink*

ice_hot said...

i love the pic...


manny "opacman" pacquiao...hehehe.

elmot said...

@ ice_hot: i also the pic... yatot sent that pic to me, and it gave a good laugh and all my officemates in our office.

nice new monicker for manny... "the fighting pride of the philippines, manny opacman pacquiao! LOL

Selboy said...

The problem is not on the network. The problem is in Manny's attitude.

elmot said...

@selboy: You are totally right sel. Manny's inflated ego is the problem here. He should be even thankful for the networks were not that rude on him after all that he has done.

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Hi elmot, saw your comments on PMT kaya I could might as well check your posts. Hey really catching posts I must say. Good job on them! Did you edit this Manny Obama pic? lol..My friends has been raving on my seems-to-be-true photoshopped pic but this one is better. Manny is a good man, baka sinisiraan lang sya kasi kids won't throw rocks at you if you don't bear fruit.

Ilocano ka pala? Si nanang ko Ilocana from Abra, nag-gawid(forgive the syntax kasi Akeano + Ilonggo ako..hehe) dun nung Jan-Feb(that's 31 to 2)..akala mo ang tagal noh! Month was deceiving. Check our pics in Bangued.

Wow its cool to always check out new blogs. I'd appreciate your comments too.

Kevin Paquet said...

I don't know what to say, I don't know how Pacquiao could have act that dumb, it slowly, or maybe totally showcases his want for MORE MONEY.

Naku naku, idol ko pa naman sana yun kahit papaano.

Kevin Paquet
Link exchange?

elmot said...

@jonha: Thanks for dropping by here. You are always welcome here.

Well, to simply put it, things are getting complicated over Manny's mingling with so many things, and the bottomline is ATTITUDE.

Actually, I am not an Ilocano, my co-seminarians were. I am an Ilonggo, though 1/4 of me is Ilocano for my paternal grandfather is an Ilocano. From Bacolod. :D

elmot said...

@kevin: well, money can sometimes blind a man, and in the end so get hit by his own punches.

Thanks for dropping by here. You are always welcome here and may you regularly visit. :D

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