Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Elmot!

photo by gotomycodes

I am not scheduled to make a post today.

But I want to.

For no other reason but because it's my Birthday! I am now 25 at 26. A quarter of a 100-year life that I wish t reach, of course minus all the carcinogenic stuffs in all our food. Oh, I am getting old.

I don't really celebrate my birthday. First, coz I am quite a practical man. Second, I know myself very well and so secured of who I am, that I do not get jealous with our neighbors' birthday parties full of colors and clowns. And third, coz I just don't.

Are these things I am saying already symptoms of a quarter-life crisis? For God's sake, spare me the tricks, but just give me all the treats today.

Received so many beeps from my phone today, usual birthday greetings from all of my friends and loved ones.

We love you.

Happy Birthday!

More Birthdays to come...

Good health...Success on your career...etc

Thanks for all the greetings. I know that though these greetings were the same greetings I received many times on my previous birthdays, and the same greetings I also send on their birthdays, I could feel the genuineness if their thoughts and love for me. Tears, tears, hu hu

On my birthday, I did not avail of a birthday leave from our office. I am at work. Kill joy? ahahaha!

But on my birthday, I thanked God first for the gift of life; for 25 years of existence, and for the gift of blogging and twitter, and french fries and basketball games, ehehehe.

And the usual thing that I do on my special day is that I make wishes and goals for myself before I receive another birthday cake.

1. Publish another book or material this year (which hopefully could be my second).

2. Be on the Top Commentator spot at Jaypee's blog, which will be my gift to myself. Right Jayps? ehehehe

3. Finish my Masters degree this year. "Hey, your thesis should have been on my desk long ago! Are you waiting for the apocalypse?" Ows, that was the voice of my thesis adviser. "Wait Sir, I am still tweeting here...?"

4. Enroll as soon as I finish my masters to a PhD program (for promotion).

5. To be consistent on my blogging, and make this blog widely-followed and read.

6. Take care of my health, career and relationships.

7. Throw off the trash bin twitter, it jeopardizes my studies...wait, what have I said? Ows, I see, I only have 6 wishes and goals this year eh?...Yes.

So once again, I would like to greet myself, A Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Elmot! You are now 25!

Don't forget your gifts to me guys, (medium size)...wehehehe. Oh, where is the cake?

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yatot said...

ayun naman pala... kaya naman pala ako pinapunta dito sa blog nya kasi birthday nya... hahhaha...

happy birthday elmot and sana on your 25th year of birthday ay mabiyayaan mo din kami ng iyong mga blessings... hahahhaha... nasaan na ang cake...? kanina ko pa hinihintay! =P

elmot said...

@yatot: thanks yatot, sa pagiging masunurin, ahaha, joke!

thanks for the greetings. yes, of course, when there is so many blessings, there is no other way around but to share it.

the cake? well,i have also been waiting for someone to deliver one on my doorstep. i thought it is you?

ehehe LOL

Roy said...

happy birthday!

(ang baduy, wala nang ibang masabi,hahaha!)

Jan said...

Hmmm, why is it Yatot got an invite and I have not? Daya...

Well, it's your birthday. Okay lang. Ikaw din pala may pagka senti pag birthday mo. Parang it's not you. lol.

Ano ba ito, mahaba na nasabi, babati lang pala. Happy birthday, dear Elmot. Psst - don't leave Yatot and the cake alone in the room, okay? hahaha

ice_hot said...


api bertdey!!! pakain naman!!! burger!!! ung may cheese!!!

elmot said...

@roy: heheh! baduy ba. thanks roy! i appreciate your greeting, maski maikli...

pwede ring happy anniversary, para maiba, ahah!

elmot said...

@jan: tampo...ehhehe..tsori LOL.

Pasenti lang ng konti, paeffect lang yan bro.

You are right, Yatot should not be left all alone with the cake... actually he was even asking for one yesterday, ehehe

elmot said...

@ice_hot: thanks for greetings... oo nga, masarap ang burjer, burjer burjer!!!

ice_hot said...


ayz, pwede link exchange? hehe... nilagay ko na yung link mo sa blog ko...

earning student ang anchor text. url:


bloggista said...

Tao po. Maki bertdey lang po. :-)

More power to you bro, and wishing you all the best in the world. Sana sa next bertdey, may paskil dito - magpapa inum ka. Hehe.

Softdrenks, jus, or ber.

elmot said...

@ice_hot...oks, im gonna check it out muna...

by the way, you can also use my contact page to send messages to and if it sometimes hang, you can send me also a message via email


elmot said...

@bloggista: thanks for the greetings. ehehe!

oo nga, paskil ko dito yun... "online drinking session"... ahahha!

Selboy said...

happy birthday.... late na yata greetings ko.

elmot said...

@selboy: thanks for the greetings sel. oks lg un, ehehe!

thanks for taking time out to drop is my privilege to have you here, you are always welcome here bro. :D

Kai said...

elmot!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeee!! nakaabot pa ako!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D

elmot said...

@kai: thanks for the greetings, don't it is not at all too late, ehehe.

thanks for dropping by, you are always welcome here. :D

WiseCrunch said...

hey bro! Belated happy birthday... And goodluck on your blog.

More success...

jeremae said...

elmot... i told u to drop ur masters nga para nde masira twitter career moh... ^_^

belated happy beerday... ^_^ sum1's getting older... galeng nmn ung wishlist moh.. publish a book.. wootttt... kaenggent nmn.. i hope i have writing skills with you.. wui.. publish ka din ng comics.. ^_^

btw.. thanks for the comment on my pink blog.. ^_^

jeremae here.. =)

elmot said...

@wise cruch: Thanks for the greetings! Of course, I will make best out of great things in life, especially with the gift of blogging...LOL

elmot said...

@jeremae: hahaha! Jan told me that too. well, if i need to earn more cash, i should finish it...

yep, i want to publish a book or something this year, and actually my dream is to publish every year. last school year, i already made one, comic book sya, ako yung gumawa ng storyline.

sana nga matupad, eheheh.

you are alwasy welcome here jeramae :D

Snow said...

better late than never!

happy bday elmot :)

elmot said...

@bingskee: hahaha! thanks for the greetings ate bingks!

i would not mind late greetings as long those who would greet me are to send me some chocolate cake...

or monsters vs. aliens toys, ehehe LOL

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