Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen Joins Twitter, Posts Photo of Girlfriend

Charlie Sheen is I think one of the most controversial Hollywood celebrities today with all trouble and controversies he is involved with.

The Two and Half Men star is taking his celebrity status to the world wide web as he joins Twitter in the hope to talk to everyone and interact with everyone.

Charlie Sheen’s official Twitter account name is @CharlieSheen. And with Charlie joining one of the most popular social networking sites around, Twitter is on fire. As a matter of fact, Charlie Sheen Twitter is one of the most popular searched keyword on Google today.

In 60 seconds, Charlie reportedly received 4,812 followers, and the number of followers are rising fast that putting as estimate will not even help.

Charlie Sheen’s First Tweet:

After joining Twitter, Charlie soon posted a few messages. But one of the most controversial posts he shared over the social networking site is this message with a Tweetpic:

"Winning..! Choose your Vice... #winning #chooseyourvice”

And check out the photo of blondie with Charlie:

She is Rachel Oberlin, one of the two goddesses who are living with the actor.

During an interview with Howard Stern, Charlie shared that two ladies are living with him; Natty (a bikini model) and Rach (formerly known as Bree, her porn star name). And what is so interesting is the revelation of the actor that the two ladies are sleeping inside his room on two separate beds, with Charlie having the option to choose where to sleep.

Read part of the interview:

ROBIN QUIVERS: But how do they work it? Do they sleep in the same bed?

HOWARD STERN: Yeah, are all three of you in the bed together?

CHARLIE SHEEN: No because we are adults and we realize that three in a bed is like, we are all not seven.

HOWARD STERN: So everybody gets their own bed?

CHARLIE SHEEN: We have two beds in the bedroom and it is a 2-1 switch off. 'A 2-1 switch off,' listen to me.

HOWARD STERN: This is unbelievable. The two of them stay in the same bed and you are in the bed next to them?

CHARLIE SHEEN: No they will take a separate bed and then I have to choose.

ROBIN QUIVERS: Oh, so you come in and choose which bed you want to sleep in.

HOWARD STERN: You live like a king, my friend.

CHARLIE SHEEN: Why the hell shouldn't I, Howard?

HOWARD STERN: Why not? You are special, right?

CHARLIE SHEEN: Yes I am, just like you. We are special.

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