Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christina Aguilera Arrested, Boyfriend Matthew Rutler Charged with DUI

I opined here a couple of times that Christina Aguilera seems not to be having lots of luck to start the year. Aguilera started the year with lots of trouble. First is her babbling of the lyrics of the US national anthem during the Super Bowl. Second, she fell on the stage during her performance during the 2011 Grammy Awards.

Now, Christina had encountered police authorities.

Christina Aguilera, 30, according to reports was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of being drunk in public. She was arrested near Sunset Strip and was described as was "extremely intoxicated.”

During the incident, Christina was with her boyfriend who was driving the car. The two were stopped by authorities Clark Street, Los Angeles around 2:45 AM.

Authorities added that Christina "didn't really understand where she was.” But they added that she was not rude or violent rather showed cooperation with apprehending officers.

Aguilera’s boyfriend Matthew Rutler took the field sobriety test and had registered a blood alcohol level of 0.09 percent, higher than California’s 0.08 percent legal level.

Aguilera was reportedly booked, fingerprinted and place on a cell. She was later released after passing another sobriety test and posting a $250 bail.

Matthew Rutler Charged with DUI

Matthey Rutler, 25, was also arrested for DIU. He was later released after posting a $5,000 bail, said sheriff officials.

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