Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flip Top Rap Battles Videos, Filipino Rap Battles

The Filipino rap is slowly evolving with the advent of Flip Top Rap.

Pinoy Flip Top Rap is rap battle between two rappers. Usually the raps are into Filipino or could also be bilingual. Each rapper is given 1 minute to do his piece until the whole thing ends and the winner is decided.

The two rappers usually jabs at many different issues and things about one another. They are judge with their choice of words, rhyming, uniqueness of rap and appeal.

Some of the best Filipino Flip Top Rappers today are Target, Batas, Duello, Loonie and Gap.

Watch some Flip Top Rap Battles Videos below.

Loonie vs Zaito Video:

Loonie vs Gap Video:

Dello vs Batas Video:

Fuego vs Protégé Video:

Dello vs Target Video:

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