Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shifting to a Free SEO-Friendly Blogspot Template - Blogger Theme

I was blogging a night ago when Jhong Medina, a fellow blogger sent a chat message to me about his newly discovered SEO tools. He shared some of them to me especially on checking my posts if they are soundly-SEO-ed (if there is such a term).

Then he turned on one of my articles and told me that my post was quite convoluted. The date of the article appeared to be the H2 while the title of the article appeared as the H3.

After quite a discussion, we assumed that the culprit was my blogger theme.

The solution? Well, since I am total idiot when it comes to tweaking my blogger HTML codes, I just had to find a new blogspot template that is SEO-friendly so to speak.

Searching on google is the fastest way. And the theme I have chosen is this present black and white SEO-friendly theme by Blueken, a Filipino blogger and SEO enthusiasts.

I tried the theme and so far I am quite satisfied. If you are to ask me how I knew that my free blogger theme right now is SEO-friendly, I cannot offer you any technical explanations. But for a simple blogger like me these reasons I guess made me feel satisfied.

For one, the problem with proper tagging is already ok. Second, this blogspot theme loads faster than the previous one. Third, this theme is Google Adsense ready. And last, I saw a spike on my Adsense CTR rate compared to the previous theme that I was using.

Sometimes, a good looking theme full of wonderful designs is not enough especially if you are cashing on search engine traffic to your blog. An SEO-friendly blogspot theme is still a good first option to start with.

Photo credit: DSM Publishing

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Jhong Medina said...

I like your new template, it's nice and clean. It's a good find bro.


Jhong Medina

elmot said...

@jhong: I agree...very neat and clean, simple...

loads fast too and needs very minimal tweaking.

dimaks said...

ang linis nga, baka i-adopt ko sa mga blogspot blogs ko ang theme na to. thanks for sharing :))

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