Thursday, July 8, 2010

LeBron James Off to Miami Heat or New York Knicks or Cavs

LeBron James is the person that many are waiting to hear from as his announcement about his NBA plans this season is keeping people abuzz.

Tomorrow, Friday, LeBron James is going to make his announcement on ESPN over a one hour TV special live, of his decision after entering the free agency status since July 1. Tomorrow is also the date that NBA will release the new salary cap for NBA teams.

LeBron James to New York Knicks

There have been strong rumors of James joining New York Knicks since his team did not make it to the Finals. New York Knicks for its part has been courting James to join them. Days ago, Amare Stoudemire already signed a $100 million for five years contract with Knicks and expressed that he was also courting LeBron to join him, same with Dwayne Wade.

LeBron James to Miami Heat

Mixing up the rumors and news is another team that is vying to have the two-time MVP on their team. Today ESPN and other online news sites reported that LeBron James is leaning towards joining Miami Heat and play side-by-side Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh; certainly if all is true, a superstar team heading to the finals. But joining Miami will give James only $90 million for five years compared to the $125 million that his team Cavs can offer.

But all that will be known tomorrow during his announcement: James to Knicks, Heat, Nets or still with Cavs?

How about you, where would you want him to join and play.

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