Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Play Crisis in the Gulf Game Online, BP Oil Spill Game XBOX

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is still unsolved as millions of barrels of oil are scattered all over the Gulf of Mexico.

As the anger and rage of the Americans (of most Americans) are increasing over the seemingly slow response of BP Oil and the government, a new online game about the BP oil spill is up on the web.

The game is called Crisis in the Gulf released by Super Boise and is big hit now on Xbox Live Games Marketplace.

The aim of the game is for players to stop the oil spill from spreading by capping the oil rig by using different techniques and devices available. The game has also different levels

The game description says,

"The Government and Oil Corporations have failed to stop the oil leak. Clearly they haven't tried TOWER DEFENSE!! Do you have what it takes to cap the leak?"

Wow, maybe only an online game could stop the oil from BP’s oil rig from continuing to spill of the ocean.

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