Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good CTR and CPM Rates for Blog Sites To Earn Online

This has actually been one of my very first problems on blogging and making money online in line with Adsense.

What is a good CPM rate in order to earn a big amount of money online?

This is the first quite important thing for all those who are monetizing their blogs or sites to keep track of your Adsense ads performance.

I for one have first struggled to drive traffic on my blogs, as the first thing that one needs to do to earn online is to have a good amount of daily traffic. After I got a good amount daily traffic by employing some basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, may main concern was to increase my CTR (click-through rate) in order for my traffic to be translated into earnings and try as much not to put them to waste.

A friend who is also a blogger that I asked about this has said that an average CTR average rate is about 1.5%, while a bad CTR rate is ridiculously way much higher like 50% may indicate invalid clicks and may alert Google about fraudulent or scrupulous clicks (this may ban you on the program).

By now, my CTR rate plays around 2-2.5% daily average. Not bad, but increasing that rate is better.

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