Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Free Mobile Theme Wallpaper Download for Cell Phones Have Malwares

Free themes are so popular especially for mobile or cellular phones. So many sites are actually offering for free downloads of themes for mobile phones in the internet. But before one gets so excited to change his mobile phone theme, one should always be cautious on all these free downloads. Just like a personal computer, a mobile phone is also very much prone to virus and malware attacks and identity theft perpetrated by dubious sites offering to give your mobile phone a new look. Malwares these days can propagate on mobile phones as recent researches and studies shows the malware has already gone mobile. According to the paper by Mikko Hypponen entitled Malware Goes Mobile, malware can easily infect one’s mobile phone by the use of Bluetooth technology that may either steal information, bud down your mobile phone or totally destroy all data stored in it. Here are some of the malwares that can infect one’s mobile phone share by Mikko Hypponen: PHISHING SCAM Fraudulent Web page, e-mail or text message that entices the unwary to reveal passwords, financial details or other private data. SPYWARE Software that reveals private information about the user or computer system to eavesdroppers. TROJAN HORSE A program that purports to be useful but actually harbors hidden malicious code. VIRUS Originally, computer code that inserts itself into another program and replicates when the host software runs. Now often used as a generic term that also includes Trojan horses and worms. WORM Self-replicating code that automatically spreads across a network So always be on guard and be careful.

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