Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chiu Kim, Chu Kim, Chui Kim Website

Kim Chiu is now one of the hottest celebrities in Philippine showbiz. Obviously, there are so many people searching for her photos, pictures on available websites. Rising from just a simple teen from a reality television show, she has now become a much sought-after endorser.

But as I was searching for her photos (yeah, yeah, you got me there; I like her but she needs more flesh) there are also a good number of people in the web who in parallel searches for Kim Chui and more mind-boggling is Chiu Kim and Chu Kim.

Well, Chiu Kim appears to be an enterprising company.

I don’t exactly know what is playing in the mind of these people either they are really searching for that enterprising company’s website or it could be another celebrity from another Asian country.

So just playing with my luck of another newbie blogger experiment.

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