Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hole In Space Photo/Picture Discovered by Scientists

Scientists discovered a vast hole in space when they first thought it be just part of the universe filled with clouds of gathered dust and gas.

The discovery was made by the use of an infrared space telescope named Herschel.

Tom Megeath, team member from the University of Toledo that studied the hole in space said,

"No one has ever seen a hole like this. It's as surprising as knowing you have worms tunneling under your lawn, but finding one morning that they have created a huge, yawning pit."

The hole in space is said to come about “when the narrow jets of gas from some of the young stars in the region punctured the sheet of dust and gas that forms NGC 1999. The powerful radiation from a nearby mature star may have also helped to create the hole.”

This latest astronomical discovery gives scientist a picture of what happens at the end of the process of star formation in space.

Hole In Space Photo/Picture: (the green part as the identified hole in space)

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1 comment:

jojigirl said...

i thought i need space to feel free, but i realize that it is still some form of confinement and there is still a way out of it - that hole! could be a gateway to heaven, or hell. let's investigate, elmot. maybe we can dump the TRAPOs there, lol

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