Monday, March 22, 2010

SSS Inquiry Services, Updates, Loans Via Text, SMS | Social Security System

Now, the millions of SSS (Social Security System) members can easily receive and access SSS services, updates and information via text or SMS right on their mobile phones.
Members can inquire through text the status of their contributions, loan eligibility, loan applications among others.

How to Access SSS Services via Text, SMS

SSS Salary Loan via Text, SMS:

LS (space) SSS No. (space) PIN and send to 2910 or 2600

SSS Status of Contributions via Text, SMS:

TC (space) SSS No. (space) PIN and send to 2910 or 2600

SSS Loan Balance via Text, SMS:

LB (space) SSS No. (space) PIN and send to 2910 or 2600

Check here also information about SSS Housing Loans Applications and Requirements.

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