Friday, November 20, 2009

Edu Manzano Pinky Webb Break-up is now Official

It is official. Though Edu Manzano shouts “Game Na!” for his vice-presidential aspiration despite of a very gloomy survey ratings, former girlfriend Pinky Webb walked the opposite path. Edu Manzano and Pinky Webb break-up is now official as the former Optical Media Board chief admitted it saying,

The personal aspect, maybe we should just keep it to ourselves. I don’t think it will have basis or impact on the campaign. There are just some things that will not always go the way we planned it.

Showbiz insiders and common friends of Manzano and Webb said that it is Edu Manzano’s political ambition more so his joining to the administration party that has been the very reason of the break-up. Pinky Webb due to Edu’s aspiration for a national post would be forced to take a leave from his work being a host on ABS-CBN’s morning show, noon-time news program and on an investigative program. Not much being away from work that has caused the break-up but that Edu Manzano is said to have not confided to girlfriend Pinky Webb his political plan and running on the administration slate that has caught her off guarded and insulted.

But Edu Manzano is quick to tell the prodding public that the break-up was a mutual decision and they “We have opted to go our separate ways and we'll hope for the best.”

For now, Webb is reportedly taken a leave from work.

Manzano if remembered ran for local post in Makati years back and lost the race with his house sold and some more of his properties. And now, running under the administration party with all the financial muscle it can give to support Manzano, he has lost the other more important part of his life: love.

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