Friday, November 20, 2009

Pacquiao Ranillo Love Affair

The Pacquiao-Ranillo rumored love affair is not yet over. The heat has just started to turn on a higher phase as Manny Pacquiao has just arrived in the country for a hero's welcome.

Despite of the the so many videos, photos and circumstances that surrounds the alleged Pacquiao-Ranillo love affair made apparent by the said rift between husband and wife Manny and Jinkee, Krista Ranillo still kept mum on the issue, awaiting for a proper venue to speak up and defend herself the Ranillo way.

But this rumored Pacquiao-Ranillo affair certainly is a setback to the glory that Pacquiao as brought after a big win against Miguel Cotto. The spark of his bravery and intelligence as a world-renown athlete is slowly fading as the extra-marital issue and rumor is gathering some steam and showbiz columnists prey on it happily.

What is its effect on Manny Pacquiao being dragged on having an amorous relationship with the much younger Krista Ranillo?

I don't know if it will lessen Manny's boxing skills but certainly it greatly affects his personal life especially his marriage and certainly his reputation and image to the public. Imagine: he brought Krista's whole family to Vegas to watch his fight; and if it is true, dated with Krista in the U.S. while Jinkee is not yet around. How about that?

But despite the public image being tarnished by the issue, the greatest problem that Manny is going to face and try to solve is the effects it brought to his family and maybe to his children. No amount of punches will hurt more than seeing your children look at you with disdain because of the issue.

But just like the rumored Pacquiao-Ara Mina affair in the past, I think it will certainly settle down and the mightier warrior in Jinkee Pacquiao will once again rise valiantly and outbox his husband and of course the young starlet Krista Ranillo.

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