Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How A(N1H1) Could Ruin Your Day

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5:45 PM.

15 minutes before calling it a day at the office. And of course, 15 minutes before relaxing at the couch having the monopoly of the TV’s remote control.

But as we were preparing yesterday our things to head for the exit door and painted on our face are nothing but smiles after the Con-Ass forum, the Director of another office on the same building suddenly opened the door and told us the news.

“All classes are suspended. Classes will resume on June 29. One confirmed case of A(N1H1) in campus.”

Before we could even react, the bearer of this news already disappeared, I don’t because of fear or by sheer excitement to go home and take a vacation.

Then came the breakdown.

“Wow. Long vacation just after the opening of classes?! Superb!”

“How about our scheduled workshop on Thursday for the new module that we are to make for our students’ formation program?”

“Oh, we are scheduled to prepare all the stuffs for the institutional forum early next month. How about that one?”

“And how about the visit of our accreditors and guest next week?”

“How about our foreign visitors? Our preparations?”


It could have been fun having affording a long vacation, but we were confronted by the fact that we have so much things to do and lots of projects already scheduled. What to do with all these stuffs? Put them to the back seat for now I guess.

The A(N1H1) Tornado

One woman who works in the House of Representatives is the first Filipino victim to die of this disease. And the number of victims multiplies day by day, hitting the 500-mark today with the DOH expecting it to even hit the 7-digit number before the fury of virus slowly die down. When will it be? No one yet could tell.

Because of this, employees of the House or Representatives were sent home. No work. One branch of government is on a stand still.

A minor community outbreak is also already declared in Metro Manila, primarily concentrated on schools and universities. With cases sprouting here and there on different campus, classes are suspended, students sent home and workers ending up having an added vacation. Other schools even have to suspend their classes for another week even before starting it!

The Trouble With These Class Suspensions

Though I may be speaking for myself but I think I could also be echoing the sentiments of some teachers, some of our students and workers regarding these class suspensions.

Despite the suggestion of the Department of Health and the Commission on Higher Education not to suspend classes, they could still not stop the managements of schools to impose such preventive measure.

The problem.

Class suspensions disrupt classes, scheduled activities, plans, and projects and workers ‘and students’ mindset. On the part of our school, we already moved for another week the start of our classes, from June 8 to June 15 because of A(N1H1) and now, another 3 days of now classes.

Though I am also quite fearful being infected by this disease and by the fact that you don’t know who is infected by the virus, I am also pissed off that with just one confirmed case in our school, everything would halt and stop.

As the economist Benjamin Diokno said, with all the class suspensions and some business closing shops, and of course the fear that this virus brings to the people, the economy will certainly feel the pinch. Money will not circulate, services will not be demanded and the economy will shrink.

Maybe, we are just panicking too much?

I guess I will just have to take this long vacation. Enjoy it? Hmmm…Shrug off the fear for this disease. And blog. Sounds better. Now, I am feeling much better.

What do you think guys? Will you also be pissed off with all these class suspensions in effect disrupting everything in your working calendar? Are we having so much unfounded fear against this virus?

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Snow said...

I am actually sick and tired of the H1N1 virus scare! Parang tinatakpan nila yung isyu sa ConAss. >:o =-X O:-) :)

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elmot said...

oo nga e, parang OA na talaga. we have so much fear, tapos nadadivert ang attention natin away from the real issue that needs our focus

ever said...

informative! thanks for this message.kaya masyado nang pinapalaki,makabawas isyu lang ng problema ng pulitiko sa pinas.

Recent blog:=- wAla ng PrAkTiS

The Bad Blogger said...

This virus is terrible, is almost like the human dooms day, was wondering how many more of this kind of spreading virus is gonna appear in the future... seriously I'm also afraid...

Recent blog:=- What If You Have A Multi-Million Dollar Blog, And Your Hosting Account Got Deleted By Accident !

Jhay said...

Just this, back-log! Hopefully, this would be the last class suspension for this semester. We've missed so much already!

Zorlone said...

Don't you smell a conspiracy going on? More cases of H1N1 came out after the HKKH issue. hmm... maybe there is a connection to this after all???

As I was going home from clinic today, I heard that one of the ladies in the video, shall we call her lady "M" appeared in a noon time show in a family network last Sunday. Then, she will be the guest star in a show that features your friends at the seminary. Could you believe that?

I guess the short attention span of our fellow pinoys triumphed again. I for one think that we can survive this epidemic. It's just a matter of execution and time.


Well, spreading the news and public information about the dos and don'ts of proper hygiene. WE call it universal precaution in the medical community. That includes a whole lotta hand washing and, shall I say it again, hygiene.


Like any epidemics, this one will eventually reach its peak and will dissipate by itself. Of course, after reaching a certain limit. For how long, maybe tomorrow, there will be no more Swine flu, or the next day, or the next month. Again, time... don't ask me when, I am not the higher power about this. hehehe.


Recent blog:=- Under the pale moon

Kelvin Servigon said...

hey, guess what, I got some symptoms of this virus... but yeah, I don't have this virus (thank God)

payo ko lang, enjoy mo n lang vacation mo...LOL ^__^

Recent blog:=- Filipino Teen - Be Proud

pinoygossipboy said...

School people are overacting about suspending classes and things are getting out of hand. Though suspending classes may lessen the contact among students, it is not a foolproof measure. I was a bit pissed when UP Law had to shut down for 3 weeks just because a student who came from US went to school. The officials overacted in spite the fact that the student had gone past his quarantine days without a flu.

Recent undefined:=-

Jena Isle said...

Experience has made us wiser. Everytime a politcal controversy occurs, there would be another non-political controversy to dissimulate that of the goevernment's.

I don't blame you for having that mind-set. But well, this is our government, we should give it a chance to redeem itself.

Thought provoking post, Elmot. :)

Recent blog:=- Blogs of Note

Jena Isle said...

And I agree that class suapensions usually disrupt the calendar year schedule and the smooth flow of activities, because one has to adjust them to accomodate the number of days/hours required for a semester/year.

Recent blog:=- Blogs of Note

Bingkee said...

Maiba ako Elmot..I have an award (rather awards) for you at my recent blog post (see the link by CommentLuv below) Pls. grab them.


elmot said...

ahaha! oo nga, minsan nga iniisip ko na ginagamit lg ang isyu at talagang that politicians are trying to sow fear among the people para lg di sila masyadong mapansin sa mga kalokohan nila ehhehe!

elmot said...

i am also quite afraid because of the sheer fact that you don't really know who is carrying the virus and who is going to infect you, despite saying that the virus is not really that fatal.

experts say that it could mutate and infected persons could reach millions

elmot said...

i agree bro! back-log, lots of them!!!! daming trabaho pagbalik, at daming i-rereschedule. hay...

elmot said...

you really love conspiracy theory bro, ehehe! but i must agree that some people are really using this virus for they advantage.

who is that lady M? and could we survive this one? certainly...but in a world that is living with instant and luxury of comfort...a flu like this is dreaded.

hopefully with your last point of "time"...i just hope that it will die down soon.

but what if it will mutate to another more deadly strain? any medical commentary doc?

proper hygiene, indeed...

elmot said...

ahahha! buti nlg wala kang n1h1, ehehe! what i also fear about this one, is the stigma and fear of isolation from people.

baka kapag nalaman ng mga kapitbahay for example na meron ako, layuan ako na prang may ketong, huhuhuhu!

elmot said...

thanks for the visit pinoygossipboy.

are you from UP law school? i totally agree with that. there is an over-reaction from school management...darn, we are having lots of back-logs already...

i think there are so many ways that could be employed in order to prevent the spread of virus in the school without compromising classes and services.

elmot said...

now i am once again reminded of corruption scandals, then there erupts a sex scandal, worse scandals. ehehe! seems like an obvious cycle. maybe i just got so much fondness of tom clancy novels?...

i am just pissed off that after many months of preparations, there came in an instant a halt of our activities. hay....back-logs.

elmot said...

thanks for the visit bingks. oks, i will check it out. *wink*

pinoygossipboy said...

yes, I go to UP law. For sometime, guards are manually giving splashes of alcohol to every person who would enter the premises.

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Ada said...

Akala ko talaga tinamaan na ako nito, simpleng lagnat lang pala. Kainis ka swine flu hmf >:o

Recent blog:=- Lagnat

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