Friday, March 7, 2008

My Blogging Dilemma

Yesterday, my blog is chopped. It has three columns but the right side of the blog page was nothing but a blank space.

I am trying to reinvent my blog into a more grphically loaded and enticing site. Undeniable, that a good layout plus all the good placement and choices of graphics for a blog is a an enticing place to visit. Of course, the content is of much importance too. A blog site full of form and nothing in substance is still nothing worth of anyone's time.

Going back...I returned my site's design to its original form, two-column blog page, for the benefit of visitors not to be shocked and disturbed by my blogs' looks yesterday as I still try to look and learn for ways to upload a new template or customize my site by myself.

I am thinking of two ways to do this and so is in a state of I may say blogging dilemma...

First, is to upload a free blogger template from a The template that has caught my attention and suit my needs is a three-column template, with good layout for contents and my widgets. However, as I try to upload this .xml file for couple of days now, every try I made was in vain. An error occurs and says, "it is not well-parsed..." and so on and so forth. I also followed the instruction of the creator of the template David to switch my template into classic but still, it failed. I also tried to copy the codes and pasted it on my template, but again, to no avail. I gave up trying but I still want to have that template.

Second, is that I stumbpled upon this blog site yesterday, which provided lots of infos on how-to's in making a great blogsite. The tutorial was like that of the Idiot's guide and infos for dummies type. There I tried my luck in customizing my blog site by following instructions on how to change my page into a three-column site and added another header for my adsense link ad. There were other things that I did to have a more cozy lay out on my blog page. However, I felt unsatisfied with the changes I made and ended up with that kind of chopped blog, all widgets and infos leaning on the left with the right side a virtual empty parking lot.

I would still want to upload the template I want but still deciphering the problems. Maybe, I am using an old blogger with HTML and at that, the XML codes are incompatible if I just directly copy and past them.

Well, I know I could make the changes I want for this blog sooner, if not personally, someone who is more knowledgable than me. I am humble enough to ask for help.


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Anonymous said...

oh, indeed, that is quite a head ache...been through that with my blogger too, but asked the help of somewaht pro. good luck

chris said...

i think you should clarify your prob with the author of the template...

elmot said...

@anonymous: yes, it has been really a headache. and for now, i just reverted my template to its original design until such time that i already know how to figure out the prob.

@chris: i already clarified my prob with the creator of the template...but to no avail...

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