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Dialogue on the Net

Dialogue of some members of pinopoet yohoogroup on the issue of police harassing and stopping protesters on their way to Makati...and their commentaris on the different opinions of people regarding the incident.
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>joel josol wrote:

In an atmosphere of abuse, you need to demonstrate that the system hasfailed, to allow you to move on to the next escalation level. We don't have a European Court of Justice and European Court of HumanRights, where member countries of the European Union can be castigatedand compelled to comply and compensate victims. I would like to bring to your attention the case of abuses againstJehovah's Witnesses in the former Soviet countries, including Russia.They went through mob violence, detentions, media misrepresentations,apathy of authorities - police and judges. After three to five yearsof going through the process, they ended up filing their cases in theECJ and ECHR. Those courts vindicated them. Ang point is it takes persistence.

Documentation is key. If it has togo all the way to the Supreme Court, so be it. Agitation is simplyagitation. Results are still through going to the process. Thefollow-through. Public pressure is a parallel effort din.In the medical field, there is the concept of "mature minor". This isan individual despite their age are able to articulate their beliefswith conviction enough for the court to respect their independentdecision. Our youths are certainly more than "mature minors".

The bottom line is will this multi-sectoral but human efforts lead toan enduring, better government?

>gerson garcia wrote:

i agree. we are contemplating of filing case, however recent statements of the pnp over the radio are quite warning signs to us of more harassments and another ploy. they would like to know the identity of all those present to "verify"if all were indeed students or any leftist of saboteurs has infiltrated within the rank of students and teachers. whenever police use the word verify, we all know what it means. and especially in this kind of place of cavite, abduction and same sorts of harassment is rampant with our local politicians pleasing the president and voicing their allegiance to her. despite of that very sensitive issue, we are also drafting our statement of condemnation.

i am personally very sad, that despite what had happened to all those people who were stopped and harassed last friday, feb. 29, i received opinions from older (i hope wiser) people of their negative thoughts and reactions not against the perpetrators but the students and teacher (the victims). i was a bit scolded in their reactions and was put the blame on these poor victims.

it is just so sad that there were lots of times that many of the elders say that our youth has become passive and naive to "things bigger than themselves". now that the youth speaks and wants to be heard by the elders (whom they thought should have been models to them of decency and honesty) most elders brand them as saboteurs and immature; youngters who are only creating noise for adventuristic purposes and are letting themselves be fooled by people. young people are branded by most elders as gullible, fragile and emotional.

this somewhat culture of distrust to the youth is a very sad page in our present day philippines. in the very least thing that the youth could afford to practice their right to speak up, pray and voice their concern to things bigger than themselves, most elders would lecture them and tell them to shut up, like a child being scolded by parents whenever these same children speak up their minds. most elders who experienced martial law are almost always emotional whenever they retell the horrors of those days, but the consolation they say is that they fought against not only the corruption by marcos and his cronies but the tyranny of passivity that ruled the land. the youth are inspired by this noble act that they now wants to be the new vanguard of justice truth and human rights.

oscar cruz's asking for apology as an elder to all the youth is very much proper and timely. may the elders be humble enough for from their humility exhudes their strenght.
the noble profession of being a teacher has never been so difficult a task. it is so difficult to reprimand your students and punish them accordingly if needed whenever they are late, or cheating during quizzes and exams, or being dishonest, or hitting their classmates, or uttering foul words during class, or being absent, or being irresponsible in submitting projects, etc...for what they see and eventually will experience in the government (and will be taught to them) are the total opposites of what teacher taught them at school. telling them during your constitution class of their rights as young people and as citizens has never been this difficult when this young people are stopped. blocked and harassed by law enforcers when they wanted to pray, speak up and gather in peaceful manner to show their concern for the motherland. where are they going to voice this right, when are they going to speak up? now that they want to speak, most elders scold them and treat them like toddlers being unruly.

just a sad, sad fact of life...a sad note to begin a song. but fortunately, the youth of today would not let this happen...fotunately the youth has not yet ended in singing the song.

> joeljosol wrote:

Heto opinyon ko lang.

In the ideal world, ang paraan ng pagtugon sa alleged abuses tulad ngganito ay to document the incident, have affidavits, and file it incourt. Go through the system. This, however, is a loooong process. Atsino ang may tiyaga na subaybayan iyan sa mga hukuman? Ano bang sabing huling survey sa mga Pinoy?Pero kung may timeline ang isa (before 2010) at ibang agenda na hindi naman tinatago ng iba (oust Gloria), ang judicial system will not accomplish the objective.

Kung hindi susuportahan ng buong military ang kilusan na ito, o ng CIA/US para mapahinuhod ang militar, hanggang ingay na lang ito or mauuwi tayo sa civil war dahil sa divided na military tulad ngnangyari ng 1986. Bakit ba umalis si Marcos hindi ba dahil tinulungan siya ng US na umexit? Napadali ang istorya. Tiyak concession iyon ngating mga politiko sa mga Kano. Bakit ba umalis si Estrada hindi badahil iniwan siya ng militar? Pero anong nangyari kina Gringo ng 1986?Hindi ba binanatan sila ni Biazon, at pagkatapos nagpalipad ng"persuasion flights" ang mga Kano?
Mukhang ang challenge ng end goal ng kilusang-protesta is either toget the US then the military to accept the proposed alternative (DeCastro) without the military losing face with its posturing today.Ayaw na ayaw ng US ang nangyaring revolutionary government ni Cory noon. Tiyak ayaw nilang maulit ito in this case. Note niyo ang pagdiriin ng US embassy spokespersons na resolve ito constitutionally. Kaya nga, ang bagong end goal ng lahat ng "find the truth" is to get De Castro as replacement. Eh kaso, lahat bida, kanya-kanyang solusyon. Si Legarda ayaw si De Castro (kung hindi rin si Loren di bale nang si Gloria pa rin). Ang iba gusto Council para power-sharing (leftists).Sa iba, OK na si De Castro (maalis lang si Gloria). Hindi maiiwasan na same coin ang "find the truth"/"oust Gloria".Otherwise, dinala na lang iyan sa regular courts of law at maghintaytayo hanggang mga anak natin maging mga lolo. Tignan mo nga nangyari kay Imelda Marcos. Lahat ng mga kaso nauwi sa favor niya, parang kailan lang pinupunit ang portrait nilang mag-asawa sa Malacanang.
Nasaan na lahat iyong nag-martsa sa kalye laban sa conjugal dictatorship? Can you imagine paano ire-direct ng mga kabataan ang frustration nila kung ang powerful remains powerful lalo na kung beyond 2010 or feelingnila "she got away with it" once natikman nila ang activism? Either maging selfish na lang at mag-abroad or bear arms at mamundok.
These are just but some of the lively exchanges of thoughts and personal analyses of our present Philippines. Speak up and let your voice also be heard.

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