Thursday, March 6, 2008

Apologies and SOS

I would like to ask for apology to visitors for this somewhat chopped layout of my blog. I am in the process of reinventing the layout of my blog, making it into three column after failing so many times of uploading a template that I want from a website. I thought uploading the xml template that I really like at was as easy as eating a cheesecake, but it really pulled out the nerves in my brain until patience ran out.

Hope you still enjoy my blogs and don't forget to subsribe. Just place your email address on the feedburner subscription area. Place also your comments.

For those who could be of help to me and some genius from nowhere...HHEEELLLLLPPPPP!

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hilbert said...

i think your .xtm codes are incompatible with your blogger template which only reads html cdoes. though the two codes are mostly the same, there some kind of codes that you need to change for it to become html readable codes for your template.

just a guess though...hmmm

elmot said...

@ hilbert: yep, that is my theory also, blogger is using html codes and the codes in the template that i like are encoded in xml format...thanks that informative guess, ehehe

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