Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chavit Singson Scandal Photo/Picture Hits the Internet

He is feared politician in Ilocos Sur and the guy who sold President Estrada to the impeachment court.

But now, he becomes the center of a scandal photo circulating the internet.

The governor of Ilocos Sur and father of former Representative Ronald Singson who was jailed in Hong Kong for a drug-related crime is the subject of a photo that has been shared in social networking sites labeled as ‘Chavit Singson Scandal.’

The scandal photo shows Chavit Singon in a plane with a bunch of hot foreign women in sexy clothes. In an interview with GMA News, Chavit Singson admitted that he is the guy the in photo and the picture is genuine.

He however explained the context of the photo saying that it was taken during a commercial shoot for an alcoholic drink with the theme as a party scene with Brazilians models. The photo was taken inside his private jet.

Chavit Singon Scandal Photo/Picture:

That is life...for Chavit.

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