Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Zombies Attacked my Blog and Google Disabled My Adsense Account?!

Almost two months of blogging hiatus and days ago, I was just too fired up to open that “New Post” page and hit “Publish.” As I opened my blogs and accessed my online milking cow, I was surprised that a page welcomed me saying that my Adsense account was disabled by Big G.

What duh f***?! (Could be the same reaction of Barack Obama over S&P downgrading USA’s credit rating.)

I immediately checked my email to see the notification sent by Big G. And there it was: Google Disabled your Adsense Account Because You Are One Lame Blogger!

The email said that my Adsense account has been disabled as my blog has the possibility of eliciting invalid activity (possibility or my blog was just too popular?). It adds (as usual), that Google has sole the right to disable any account and I will also have the chance (consolation for lame bloggers like me) for an appeal, though reinstatement of my account is not assured. And one that really hurts is that my earnings last month were all forfeited.

Darn, payment for my internet connection and our househelp exploded in thin air like a zombie hit by cherry bomb.


The generic letter made my head spinning off from my body.

This is the first time that I received such a communication from the advertising giant. Got though a little bit confused as they disabled my account because of a supposed “possibility of invalid activity”; at the same time they did not provide any particular blog of mine that received what I think was a click bomb attack.

Well, they will never be Big G if they don’t know how to power trip…

Well, the letter assumes that I was the one who committed a click bomb attack on my site. Which is an obvious moronic assumption.

It is like putting it this way: launch a click a bomb on my own site/s just to earn more despite of my two months of absence from the online world?

Of course, there is no way for me to identify who the click bomber was, the zombie who cold-heartedly attacked the ads on my blogs thinking they were sunflowers and sautéed human brain.

Nonetheless, I followed what they recommended: I made an appeal. Gullible blogger.

I will have then to wait in a week or even more than a week for the result as to whether my appeal will be considered and my account will be reinstated.

I shared this sad fate with other blogging buddies and many of them also received the same letter. It made me think that there was a mass disabling of Adsense account happening these last couple of weeks.

As of this moment, while waiting for the fate of my appeal, I am already thinking of alternatives to Adsense. And maybe applying for another Adsense account?

In this particular blog, I replaced for a while my Adsense Ads with Chitika and made some changes on the placement of my Infolinks; and I am already expecting a big drop to my monthly online income.

How about you, did you also receive the same letter of your Adsense account being disabled this past week? Or have experienced this thing with your Adsense account?

Maybe you could give me some suggestion to this lame blogger who was attacked by click bombing zombies?

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