Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Earthquake Recorded at Magnitude 8.9 (Video/Photos)

A very strong earthquake hit Japan on Friday that toppled houses, buildings and many structures. The earthquake was recorded by geologist at magnitude 8.9, one of the strongest that Japan has experienced in the last 300 years.

The epicenter of earthquake was located 373 kilometers from Tokyo. However, tremors were felt across Japan and even on parts of Russia said several reports.

But the biggest destruction caused by the earthquake was felt after a tsunami soon struck the coastal areas near the epicenter.

A massive body of water was built up with as high as 4 meters toppling houses and buildings. The tsunami also destroyed many boats and even big ships slamming them to the inner part of the city.

Photos and videos of the Japan earthquake showed harrowing pictures of the destructive tremor.

Tsunami warnings were immediately raised across the Pacific region, from Russia, up to Vietnam, Philippines and as far as Hawaii.

The earthquake caused power outage in many parts of Tokyo and neighboring cities. Internet connection was also stalled.

Check out photos here of the 8.9 Magnitude Japan earthquake.

Watch Video:

video credit:abcactionnews

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