Friday, March 11, 2011

Countries on Tsunami Warning List After Japan Earthquake of Magnitude 8.9

A massive magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit Japan on Friday only days after it was also hit by a magnitude 7 tremor.

The strong earthquake whose epicenter was located 373 kilometers from Tokyo destroyed many houses and buildings. More than 4 million households in Tokyo and neighboring countries experienced power outage as nuclear power plants and other manufacturing plants were shut down.

However, the bigger damage was seen after the earthquake caused the body of water to take form of giant tidal waves, better known as tsunamis. Tsunami waves hit many coastal areas adding more damage to properties. Many boats and even big ships were destroyed and thrown to the city. Tsunami waves were as high as 13 feet.

Tsunami warnings were immediately raised on many Pacific countries as neighboring countries of Japan.

Below are the list of countries placed on Tsunami Warning:

1. Philippines
2. Vietnam
3. Guam
4. Russia
5. Hawaii
6. Indonesia
7. Papua New Guinea
8. New Zealand
9. Australia
10. Marianas Island
11. Taiwan
12. and other parts of Japan

photo credit: abcnews

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