Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Earthquake 2011 Update: 9,500 People Missing After 8.9 Magnitude Quake

UPDATES: The magnitude 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan yesterday during a sunny afternoon has left so much devastation, that the city of Sendai and other neighboring areas were like waste lands.

Photos and videoes of the earthquake
showed the extent of the damage as tall buildings swayed, houses came down crashing and many other infrastructures torn to pieces. The strong shaking of the earth has also caused fires on many petroleum factories as gas and oil leaks started to burn. Up to this writing, many of these fires are not yet controlled.

Another cause of alarm to the Japanese public is the reported damage on two nuclear power plants in Fukushima. The two nuclear plants were said to have experienced an abrupt change in system due to the quake causing the reactors to be damaged. People were said to have already been evacuated within the 6-mile radius set by authorities. They have also confirmed of radiation leak though they also said that it will not be harmful to the public.

The harrowing sight of tsunami that hit Japan with waves as high as 33 feet came in rushing to the shore at 500 miles an hour. The giant waves with much force hit homes, buildings, bridges and farmlands. It washed up mud, debris, boats and even big ships. Reports said that one ship with an estimated 100 passengers in it is still missing.

After the magnitude 8.9 earthquake, strong aftershocks were felt around Japan.

Several Japanese news reports said that a day after the earthquake authorities estimate that 9,500 are missing in one town, adding to it 20 Israelis.

But as of this writing, Japanese officials estimate that around 1,700 people may be dead. However, exact figures so far say that 637 people were dead and every minute more bodies are found while others have been buried already or washed up to the sea.

50,000 soldiers were already sent by the Japanese government to the area for search and rescue mission. On the other hand, the US government together with other countries is already preparing to send contingency forces to Japan to help on rescue operations.

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