Saturday, January 15, 2011

iJango Scam and Review

What is iJango?

iJango describes itself as a "Membership Rewards Community." It even boasted that they are “The Center of the Online Universe" according to a forum site about scams.

How do they do business? Well, if one wants to earn rewards, you have to sign up and simply recruit others. In short, if you want to have more rewards, you have to recruit more. But things don’t come easy folks.

iJango, a Scam

One has to be a member. For $150 and $20 monthly, then you can have the opportunity of recruiting more and getting all the rewards you want. Sounds easy huh? But the real score is that it has been reported that iJango is a scam. It is pyramiding scam.

The problem according to many tech sites that sounded the alarm is that when one wants to cancel the service like the monthly $20 bill, one would seem have to wait until eternity. Why? That site is almost always down. No one to talk to. Tech sites gave it a very low trust rating.
This is part of an interview of TechNow with the people of iJango.

TechNow: How is this NOT a pyramid scam? Make that easy for me.

SS: Because we produce revenue from our customers. We get revenue, our customers use their tools and utilities, and we are paid part of that revenue share.

When a business operates out of asking for money from members without any legitimate source of income, and when money collected from members is the same money paid to them, it is a scam.

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