Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Firefox Offers Do-Not-Track Tool to Protect Privacy of Users

The issue of online privacy has been a very hotly contested topic. As questions about the online security of web users against hackers, fraud and the protection of the privacy of netizens are constantly being raised, Firefox offers a quick solution.

Firefox announced that the web browser may soon use its newest tool: the Do-Not-Track Tool.

Do-Not-Track Tool is a response of Firefox to the call of the FTC of using do-no-track systems. Unfortunately, tech reviews reveal that this new tool of Firefox has its own sad downside.

The tool will be on its default setting, which is “off”. All of us of course do not want companies to keep track of our every move, but the companies will have first to agree to stop monitoring us before we get protected. The said news is that no companies had yet officially and publicly announced that they would comply with that agreement.

In short, the privacy of users is still cannot be assured by Firefox.

My thoughts? Why make a tool like this when at the end of the day, intruding on the privacy of users is still at the mercy and judgment of tracking companies. Makes no sense to me.

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LizMoneyWeb said...

Still, it's promising. I'm using IP privacy for browsing. :)
I've won the license from the online contest.

DTX Studios said...

Very informative. Thanks for the update.

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