Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Big Bad Blogger Issue Heats Up

The issue about the “Big Bad Blogger” is making abuzz in the online world, in particular, in the Pinoy blogosphere.

This whole controversy and discussion came from the article written by Margaux Salcedo on January 23 on the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The article was entitled, "Please don't give blogging a bad name.”

On the article, Salcedo shared about an incident involving a blogger she referred as the "Big Bad Blogger” and a PR Firm. According to Salcedo, these two demanded cash compensation from a restaurateur in exchange of good reviews. With that, she challenged the blogger and the PR firm not to give blogging and all other bloggers a bad name.

The article stirred discussions and drew up mixed reactions not only among bloggers but all those who are active on social networking sites. Unfortunately, Margaux has not identified the blogger and the PR firm. Some netizens are now urging her to bare the names of these crooked people.

There are also people who see Salcedo’s article as a knee-jerk reaction, lacking in research and full of speculations. Nonetheless, the general clamor is for her to reveal the identity of the people she was referring to on her column.

The issue about the Big Bad Blogger is not something new. However, with the popularity of social media and blogging in particular, the issue has become so controversial. Salcedo’s allegation made on her article may lack in substance, nonetheless, the general call is for her to name these people, if she has already done a good research about the whole incident. Because if some bloggers are labeled as “BBB” for extorting of some sort, then bloggers can also easily be faulted by hurling accusations based on speculations and with no hard evidence to back up the story.

What do you think of about the whole issue of the Big Bad Blogger?

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