Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Lucky Charms and Crystals - Year of the Rabbit

2011 is only a couple of days away and most people are very much optimistic that the new year ahead of us will be much better than 2010.

Many Filipinos believe in feng shui and consult feng shui experts about the things they need to prepare themselves for the upcoming new year. Attracting luck for a long list of reasons is one of the most important concerns for believers.

For many feng shui experts, 2011 will surely be much better than 2010 and many will be lucky in the new year that we will welcome.

2011 is the year of the Rabbit.

In feng shui, lucky charms and crystals play major roles in attracting luck and expelling bad energies. published on its website the list of lucky charms and crystals for 2011 for all those who are into feng shui.

Quartz crystal - symbolizes power and authority, and is said to help enhance brain function and give peace of mind.

Black tourmaline - said to help repel negative energy from other people. Can be used against those who easily get jealous or hold grudges.

Blue sodalite - symbolizes friendship and unity.

Rose quartz - among the best-selling crystals in the country. Known as love stones, these are said to help control emotions, develop self-confidence and give comfort to those who are heartbroken.

Emerald rock - helps attract unconditional love -- whether it be from relatives, friends, colleagues or employees.

Garnet - strengthens one's commitments with other people

Amber - a victory stone that symbolizes renewal of marriage vows and fulfillment of promises. Ideal for couples whose relationships are under threat.

Citrine - promises luck in terms of money, business and career.

Amethyst - lessen stress, tension and depression, help cure insomnia, and prevent nightmares.

Of course, all of these purported lucky charms and crystals are not at all affordable.

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