Monday, November 22, 2010

The Cigar Guy Photos, Pictures and Funny Images

This guy is funny.

I was browsing over the web and saw this guy on photos thinking that he was really into the photos. But as I took a look, this guy with a turban and a cigar seems like he was just pasted on.

I am not pretty sure if many of the Cigar Guy photos are true but I would rather believe most of them are photoshoped.

One of the photos I came across with is the Tiger Wood Photo during the Ryder Cup with the Cigar Guy on the side make a funny face.

Another photo of the Cigar Guy is being an enthusiastic spectator while Michael Jordan is taking a winning shot.

But the funniest photo for me and my favorite is the Cigar Guy standing beside the notorious former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo as her husband.

Maybe you could funnier photoshoped images of this Cigar Guy, don't forget to share them.

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