Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Ultimate Fighter 12 Debut Episode, TUF12

The Ultimate Fighter 12

The Ultimate Fighter 12 Debut Episode will premiere on September 15, 2010 and will be available on Spike TV. TUF 12 will feature lightweights mixed martial arts fighters who will fight to be the best out there inside the octagon.

One of the most exciting part of this Ultimate Fighter season is are the coaches featureing welterweight great George St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck who will both actually face each other on UFC 124 in Montreal, Canada.

TUF 12 Fight and Season Format:

• 28 lightweights chosen for 32-man tournament: J.J. Ambrose, Paul Barrow, Jason Brenton, Jonathan Brookins, Mike Budnik, Alex Caceres, Sako Chivitchian, Joseph Duffy, Pablo Garza, Toby Grear, Dan Head, Michael Johnson, Amir Khillah, Jeff Lentz, Sevak Magakian, Steve Magdaleno, Andy Main, Cody McKenzie, T.J. O'Brien, Spencer Paige, Nam Phan, Mike Richman, Dane Sayers, Ariel Sexton, Marc Stevens, Kyle Watson, Ran Weathers, Aaron Wilkinson
• Two fighters who advance past the elimination round but lose in the following round will get a second chance as "wild card" picks

• The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale crowns a show champ in December

TUF 12 Coaches and Team Members:

Josh Koscheck (Team Koscheck)

• Dave Camarillo (assistant coach)
• Daniel Cormier (assistant coach)
• "Crazy" Bob Cook (assistant coach)
• Teddy Lucio (assistant coach)
• Javier Mendez (assistant coach)

Georges St-Pierre (Team St-Pierre)

• John Danaher (assistant coach)
• Phil Nurse (assistant coach)
• Jean-Charles Skarbowsky (assistant coach)
• Shawn Williams (assistant coach)
• Firas Zahabi (assistant coach)

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