Saturday, September 4, 2010

iPad Clone, China’s iPed for $100 Only (Photo)

With the boom of Apple’s iPad, China immediately made its own version of the gadget that sold millions all over the world.

The Orphan Electronic iPed of China is clone of the popular Apple iPad that will only cost a buyer for a very affordable price of $100 - $150!

China’s iPed though is said to be heavier than the original and was first sold on Shenzhen, China, a place where Foxconn is located; a place said to be iPad’s are manufactured.

All multi-media features are also present on this China-made gadget and is powered by 600MHz RockChip processor.

As they say, whatever is new, China manufacturers can easily make their own clone of it, especially if companies outsource their manufacturing in China where labor is cheap; and so is the security of your gadgets not to be cloned.

China iPed Photo:

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