Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What is NDM-1 Superbug Genes, How To Prevent It

Governments are now starting to take up stricter measures in order to prevent the spread of Superbug Genes that makes bacteria grow as a superbug.

The Superbug genes scientists said has New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase (NDM-1) enzyme is now widespread in India and is posed to spread on many other countries around the world through travelers bringing in the bacteria.

The bacteria is seen to undergo a gene-mutation making a bacteria drug-resistant superbugs even against anti-biotics. This NDM-1 superbug was first discovered in a Swedish patient in 2009 who was confined in hospital in India. The Lancet researchers opined that the superbug NDM-1 "can easily be transferred into common bacteria such as E. Coli" and has the potential “to be a worldwide public health problem is great, and co-ordinated international surveillance is needed" especially on countries with poor health and sanitation programs.

How to Prevent the NDM-1 Superbug Gene?

For now, scientist and researches are still studying on what vaccine or drug could prevent the spread of this NDM-1 on a patient. As of this moment there is no cure yet, that is why governments are really making sure to remind people to always take care of their health by eating healthy food, take regular exercise and food supplements and caution during their travel especially on India.

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