Monday, August 30, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Episode 1 – “Bad Blood”

– Your favorite vampire story on television today is already on its third season. Starting anew season of drama, romance and bloody action, Sookie will need to ask Eric for a hand on looking for dear Bill.

Read synopsis.

“Sookie turns to Eric for help finding Bill. Andy urges Jason to stay the course. Sam wants to reconnects with his past so he begins his search for his birth parents. Tara seeks refuge from her grief. Lafayette gives Lettie May one more chance to help Tara. Meanwhile Jason and Andy work to cover up the truth about Eggs death. Sophia-Anne makes a surprise visit to Fangtasia.”

Trivia for this episode:

• First appearance by Zeljko Ivanek ("The Magister") since the season 1 episode "I Don't Wanna Know".
• It was revealed that Lorena's last name is Krasiki.
• Jessica calls Hoyt from a cellphone, but when she hangs up on him there is a click sound. Unless she slammed the cell phone, they do not make click sounds when hung up, they make tone sounds.

Guest Cast for this Episode:

• C. C. Sheffield Missy
• Thea Brooks Jen
• John Hillard Hank
• Gregg Daniel Reverend Daniels
• Shannon Welles Olivia
• Monte Perlin Jimmy
• Bryan Becker Louie
• Jeanne Baron Hostess

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