Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to Unblock and Access Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in the Office

Social networks are really so popular not only because they bring fun and connectivity to all users but also these give the opportunity for people to have more online social interaction and more active role into participation to social issues.

Facebook for one accounts for millions of users around the world, same with YouTube wherein videos are watched by millions of people daily.

With Facebook, YouTube and Twitter coming in at the spotlight of online media, many offices and workplaces blocked these sites in order to prevent their employees from being distracted from work and affecting the company’s output.

That is why, workers are really finding creative (I don’t if they are also legal) ways on how to unblock Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in the office.

One way is by using proxy sites that gives a backdoor access for users to access the blocked sites.

Another one is by using which uses email commands in order for you to write on a friends’ wall, poke and read your FB messages. For Twitter though, one can use different Twitter platforms like twittergadget and hotsuite.

Well, of course, you may get access to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in your office, there is no excuse of getting caught by your boss.

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