Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Barack Obama Movie “Obama Anak Menteng”

Could be the first film about US President Barack Obama that is having is debut on Indonesia; a country that was once the home of the most powerful leader of the world.

The Obama movie in Indonesia is entitled "Obama Anak Menteng" or translated as "Obama the Menteng Kid".

The movie chronicles the life of Barack Obama during the time he lived in Indonesia, particularly in Menteng from 1967-1971 after his mother married an Indonesian.
The movie is co-directed by Damien Dematra.

Dematra shared an overview about the movie saying,

"Viewers, especially Westerners, will see a different world. They'll see Obama eating chicken satay, not hamburgers. They'll see his neighbours and friends wearing chequered sarongs and Muslim caps.”

However, the kind of strange in the film is that those who knows Obama in Menteng say that "60 percent fact and 40 percent fiction" after watching it.

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