Thursday, June 10, 2010

TV5 Face To Face Videos Hosted by Amy Perez

TV5 has been making a great comeback into the mainstream Philippine television under the helm of businessman Manny Pangilinan.

TV5 started to offer new shows and programs and increasingly invited more regular artists into its backyard.

One of the most popular TV programs it has today is Face To Face hosted by Amy Perez. The show is like that of Jerry Springer of the U.S.

Face To Face showcases the many and ordinary issues and conflicts that most Filipinos experience. And as the show tries to make each other face the problem head, it cannot prevent sometimes emotions from erupting and violence from happening. This format of the show which is quite new and uncharted to Philippine television due to the culture of Filipinos made the show an instant hit to viewers.

TV5 Face To Face videos are watched now by many people over YouTube and shared on many other social networking sites.

TV5 Face To Face Video:

What is your thought about the show?

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