Friday, June 25, 2010

Julia Perez “Jupe” Running for District Head in Indonesia

Julia Perez of Indonesia or more popularly known as Jupe as she is set to run for a public office in Pacitan district East Java causing some controversy against majority of conservative Indonesians.
Julia Perez is an Indonesian model, singer and actress who want to be the next “bupati” or district head on the upcoming December polls.

The controversy about Jupe’s political ambitions is even more contested as Indonesia is a very conservative Muslim country but Jupe’s latest album is entitled “Kamasutra” and other songs with graphic and sexual overtones.

But there are also analysts who say that Perez’s entry into politics is only one of the many Indonesian celebrities who are joining the political slug fest in the recent years indicating that democracy ushered in a spree for political ambitions; and second that the present politicians in Indonesia are performing poorly.

Let us see in December if the singer, actress and model who sings a song entitled “Belah Duren” (Splitting-open the Durian) can win the government post.

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