Saturday, March 20, 2010

HuffintonPost Website,

HuffintonPost Website, HuffingtonPost is one of my favorite online news blog. Through the years, I have seen it grow and offered more and more relevant news and articles to its avid readers. It has also been always active on many advocacies and campaigns. It has steadily grown as one most popular source of online information too. Traffic is very high on this site.

And today, I would try to look at the possibility of some people making an encoding mistake and misspelling the url of this popular online site to I tried to look at the result of search engines and for now, no one had written any article or optimized on this.

I looked at Google Trends and though the traffic and interest of people encoding Huffintonpost or Hufingtonpost is not skyrocketing, it nonetheless shows there is a good amount of traffic that are getting lost by misspelling the site’s name.

Hopefully I’d get some shower of traffic, hik hik hik!

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