Saturday, March 20, 2010

Facbook, Facebuk, Facbuk Website,

The social networking site giant Facebook is one of the most popular now in the world knowing that it just started as a college guy brainchild at Harvard. Though this claim is presently being disputed by other people as Mark Zuckerberg is accused of just copying the idea of other fellow Harvard students.

Anyways, with hundreds of millions of members and millions of daily pageviews, Facebook nonetheless as what Ark Hilario shared is the most common misspelled web url. Most people misspell it as Facbook or even Facebuk despite it popularity and seemingly taking on as one household name.

So maybe just to join the bandwagon, I told Ark that I will also see how I will fare with this one and maybe also get some lost souls directed on to my blog and hear some ringing on the cash register.

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ark said...

Oi, goodluck dito.

Baka pwede mo lagyan ng link ung name ko, hehe..


elmot said...

@ark: pasensya na bro ah, medyo nagmadali sa pagsulat eh ehehhe!

By the way, placed your link already...

salamat sa pagbisita :D

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