Saturday, February 20, 2010

Melason Loveteam Romantic Pictures, Videos, Movie and TV Show

Melai and Jason of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up has captured the hearts and admiration of viewers as the two continue their romantic relationship even outside of the Big Brother House away from the spotlight of vigilant 24/7 cameras.

Now, pictures and photos of Melason are everywhere, even here in the nearest community shopping center in our place. Posters are scattered and being sold by lowly merchants. Most of these pictures are anyways lifted in the internet.

I will not wonder if real soon Melason videos will also be proliferating as the two are surely preparing for a movie under Star Cinema. Expect it will be a sure hit and pirated CDs will be sold everywhere. But for now fans will have to content themselves with Melason YouTube Videos recorded while both were still inside the PBB House.

But fans of Melai and Jason or Team Melason will even be more entertained these two wacky housemates as they will now have a TV show entitled “Melason” which will be more of a romantic reality show. The show is under ABS-CBN of course, from Monday-Friday at 10 AM and every Saturday after MMK.

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