Saturday, February 20, 2010

How to Put Google Buzz Button Plugin: Wordpress and Blogspot

Google Buzz is now one of the newest feature coming from the Google integrated to accounts of gmail users but can also be added on blog posts in order to be easily shared on this latest discussion platform. Though Google Buzz has raised some security and privacy concerns, it was observed that many people are already using it with a few bloggers integrating it on their posts.

So on your how to put Google Buzz button/widget on your blog especially for blogger or blogspot and Wordpress users?

I have placed a Google Buzz button on my blogspot blog easily as I followed the tutorial shared by Tutkiun on his blog.

Here are the simple steps I followed that even a newbie can easily do:

1. Login to your blogger account, and proceed to Layout, Edit HTML.

2. Expand HTML widget template

3. Look for the code . To easily Locate this code you can use Ctrl F.

4. Copy the code below and paste it below the code in number 3:

5. Click Preview, and if everything is all Ok, you can save your template.

6. For customizations and other sizes and designs of the Google buzz button, you can easily check out Tutkiun's Blog here.

Google Buzz Button/Widget for Wordpress Blogs:

Can easily be also integrated by using the Google Buzz Wordpress Plugin. Dowload here:

Enjoy buzzing!

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1 comment:

jan geronimo said...

Galing naman. Buti ka pa meron na. Puede ka nang mag "Buzz, buzz, I must increase my buzz." Ahehehe

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