Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mass Effect 2

I was watching this TV show all about gadgets and games and the host was so enthusiastic to introduce a new game, actually a sequel to the previously successful Mass Effect 1 game. It is the Mass Effect 2 game. Though I am not so fond of playing online games I found the review of the host and the walk through very interesting for the graphics and the story are very very impressive. I never thought that it was all animation for the 3D effect was so nicely done. This game can be played in PC or Xbox 360 platform. I am just so curious though why some game enthusiasts are still searching for a free Mass Effect 2 on torrent knowing that all the nasty virus and malwares are thriving there. Well, need to search more and learn about this Mass Effect 2 on Wiki. Or if there is already a Mass Effect 3 version… Release date and Mass Effect 2 Guide for different countries can be found here:

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